PGM-54: Renew delegate incentives program for S2-24


This post aims to revise & renew the Delegates Incentives Program from May to December 2024, Previous budget was allocated here: PGM-46: Renew delegate incentives program


Reminder of incentivization eligibility criteria:

  • Governance participation: Initially 80%, update to minimum 90%
  • Obligation of transparency: Explain voting rationale
  • Delegation Threshold: Minimum 10 000 hPAL delegated from 2 stakeholders
  • Recognised Delegates have to self-report on a monthly basis in this thread in order to get their incentives


This proposal aims to evaluate the Paladin delegates status & spending over the past months, as well as propose to revise & renew this program for an additional 6 months.

  • Max budget approved : 300 000 PAL

  • 4 eligible delegates: Dydymoon; Bozo; Alex; 0xTekGrinder

  • Current formula: f(x) = 0.125*(sqrt(x^(1.27718))+641.607)/PALy

Where 0,125 & PALy = price of $PAL at every monthly snapshot

Voting Options

  • Renew the current system
  • Rework the system
  • Don’t renew the delegate program
  • Abstain
  • For
  • Rework
  • Against
  • Abstain
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