About the Paladin Improvement Protocol (PIP) category

PIPs are about the most important modifications either on the protocol directly, on the DAO, on the constitution or on the governance framework.

The PIPs would regroup several topics such as:

  • New dApps managed by the DAO (Initially PURe category)
  • Modification of the smart contract parameters (Initially in PGP category)
  • Large modification on the codebase (Initially in PURe category)
  • Modification of the protocols fees (Initially in PPP for Quest)
  • Deployment of new versions of the protocols (New)
  • DAO committees & Multisig signers election or modification (Initially in PGP category)
  • Change the Paladin Constitution (Initially PCM category)
  • Modification of the governance framework (New)
  • Deprecate a Paladin Lending Pool (New)
  • Unlist a Warden Whitelisted Token (New)
  • Minimum holding to post on snapshot (New) ?

Additional information required for a PIP:

  • Context: What’s the modification and why it’s needed.
  • Technical implementation: Highlight the technical implementations of this proposal if any.

PIPs are the most critical and important types of proposals, as it’s directly about the core products or a major change in constitution/ governance framework. For this reason, we should consider more conservative parameters than other categories:

  • Admin: Team multisig
  • Quorum: 20% of the hPAL total supply
  • Voting duration: 7 days

Reminder of the required information for any proposal type

Governance forum post: Each proposal should be posted on the forum for at least 48h which allows the community to give feedback, propose changes, and vote on a sentiment poll. Forum topics also need to reach some consensus before posting on snapshot.

Proposal type, number and name: Each proposal must be easily identifiable and classified :

  • Type: This will be detailed in the second part of the proposal
  • Name: The name must be the same on the forum post and snapshot (Max 10 words)
  • Number: Each topic needs a n° to identify the post order on the forum & on snapshot

Summary: Short description of the proposal (1-2 sentences max)
Rationale: Detailed explanation of the proposal
Means: Resources needed for this proposal (if any)

  • Human resources: Special skills required (Dev or others)
  • Treasury resources: Proposal cost, % of the treasury required

Voting options: List the options available on the snapshot vote, including an “Abstain” one.