PGM-34: Appoint delegates to better represent our dapps in their respective ecosystem

TL;DR : Elect / Appoint a representative for each ecosystem (Aura, Convex & Aave), delegate them the underlying voting power in Warlord and Dullahan and approve an 18,000 $PAL budget over 6 months to reward them.

Context & Rationale:
Paladin’s dapps are set to accumulate a growing amount of meta-governance power. In order to strengthen the protocols they are built on, as well as create representation of its depositors, we believe it could be optimal to start using the governance power contained in these protocols.

Of course, doing it as a core team or nominating someone could compromise our ethos, so instead we’d like to prospect interested and skilled candidates (one for each of the three protocols), and have the DAO elect them.

These delegates would have to fill the following obligations in order to keep the power delegated to them and earn the allocated rewards:
Have an 80%+ participation ratio every month;
Open a designated channel on the Realm Discord to have an open line of chat with depositors;
Publicly represent the interest of depositors in the forums;

Means :
18,000 $PAL (1000 $PAL each per month) as well as an election thread once approved.

Technical needs :

Vote Options:


We are in support of this initiative; we believe that active meta-governance is a great way to leverage the value created by other protocols to the benefit of the external DAO.

As active delegates in Aave and recognized delegates here at Paladin DAO, we could represent Paladin’s interests in the Aave DAO.

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Gm everyone !

TokenLogic <> Aave

Within the Aave ecosystem, TokenLogic is a recognised delegate, an Aave Guardian (represented by Matthew) and was recently voted by the community the winner of Butter’s 3 months incentivised delegate campaign.

More recently, TokenLogic published a forum post proposing the initial GHO Liquidity Pools. The publication considers the ability to integrate the BPTs into the Aave Safety Module which could lead to a portion of Aave’s SM budget being used to source BAL and AURA incentives via Warden Quest to improve the efficiency of the reward management. Details on the 6 part SM upgrade proposal can be found here. Warden boost was also proposed & added to the strategic asset manager contract being developed by Llama for Aave’s veBAL holdings.

Both Matthew and Dydymoon contribute to TokenLogic and Llama via the Llama <> Aave partnership. Matthew performs a Program Manager role at Llama via TokenLogic, whilst Dydymoon, is working as DeFi strategist at both places. Both individuals have been contributing to Aave ecosystem for several years.

TokenLogic will cast all votes with Aave’s best interest in mind. As an advocate for growth, TokenLogic works with communities who have/intend to integrate the AAVE token and/or Aave Protocol to ensure members within the Aave community have an appreciation for how Aave’s governance can influence other communities. TokenLogic supports a welcoming culture that encourages communities to build with Aave Protocol. Paladin DAO is one of those builders we want to integrate with Aave.

As a delegate, TokenLogic commits to dedicating time and resources to supporting Aave’s development and growth.

This post expresses our interest in representing the Paladin DAO in the Aave governance by using the voting power to be an active delegate and the proposal power to submit improvements to the AAVE DAO.

With Dydymoon being the most active delegate in the Paladin DAO and one of the TokenLogic contributors, we believe that delegating to us makes sense as he’ll be involved in the voting power management and can facilitate the discussions between both entities.

About TokenLogic

TokenLogic is a team of highly skilled Defi specialists that partners with communities to help solve their most important problems. Our contributors are very well networked and actively contributing to several of the largest Defi communities.

TokenLogic works closely with partners on high impact initiatives in any of the following focus areas:

  • Liquidity Management
  • Product Growth/Integrations
  • Risk / Mechanism Analysis
  • Treasury Management
  • Financial Reporting

At TokenLogic we believe in being open, building trust through collaboration and realising possibilities together as a team.

Focus Areas

The following are key focus areas for TokenLogic:

  • GHO Adoption
    Accelerating the transition from a safe/guarded launch to achieving escape velocity via the widespread adoption of GHO across DeFi.
  • Revenue Growth
    Growth avenues expected to attract new users, protocol revenue and tailoring of risk parameters supportive of those building on top of Aave Protocol.
  • Live Financial Reporting
    Expansion of financial data across Aave, such as live financial statements, bad debt dashboards, service provider funding contracts v Aave budgets and asset holding performance over time
  • Aave v3 Features
    Initiatives that introduce and extend the v3 design features of Aave Protocol, such as portals, facilitator roles and meta-governance.


TokenLogic consists of the following contributors: Please feel free to reach out on any of the mentioned topics.

  • Matthew Graham. Mechanical Engineer with 12+ years of industry experience, bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Investment Finance and Corporate Finance. Founder of TokenLogic and has published numerous ARCs with a good understanding of Defi legos, risks, governance, value flow (tokenomics) and fund management.
  • DefiJesus. Software Engineer with 10+ years of building products from zero to one and I have been over 2 years full time working on the EVM. I am the founder of Buzzed Bear community and a keen contributor to Aave ecosystem, mostly via freelancing to Llama. Github Repository can be found here.
  • Dydymoon. DeFi Strategist, Consultant & Advisor contributing on many aspects such as Treasury management/optimisation, governance frameworks & proposals, growth & integrations, BD, tokenomics & more across Defi communities such as Aave, Llama, Paladin, Javis, Luchadores, APWine etc. Recently, Dydy also designed a new mechanism for Aave’s Safety Module.


If anyone would like to delegate to TokenLogic, please use the following address:


Our voting history can be found on Boardroom and Tally.


Since there seems to be no objections, PGM was pushed for vote (Snapshot). We’'ll be able to have the elections just afterwards.

Forgot to comment directly but as said on Snapshot, I fully support delegating governance power to recognized delegates in each DAO, especially considering that the DAO might accumulate voting power on more assets in the future so hard to manage directly

Btw just realized, shouldn’t we add Paraswap to the list ?
The voting power is quite low for now but should increase over time, maybe worth reconsidering later

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Quorum PGM-34: 587 029 votes


We can delegate sePSP but we don’t have any financial incentive in paying for it

Why should Paladin DAO delegate AAVE Governance Power to StableLab?

StableLab is the ideal candidate to represent Paladin DAO in the Aave DAO. As a Paladin DAO Delegate and Community Multi-Sig Signer, we are fully committed to executing the vision of Paladin Protocol. At Aave DAO, we have been an active contributor to governance since October 2022.

At StableLab, active governance participation is ingrained in our culture. This is evident through our comprehensive understanding and active engagement at every stage of the governance process. We vote on proposals and consistently communicate our vote rationale in our Forum Delegate Thread. Additionally, we demonstrate our commitment to improving the Paladin Governance Process by documenting the Paladin Governance Process here.

Our significant contributions to Aave DAO’s governance can be observed through our consistent efforts to document and improve the Aave Governance Process. The appointment of a delegate from the Paladin Community to represent the DAO in Aave necessitates a firm understanding of meta-governance. As a Governance Firm, StableLab is best suited to fulfill this role. Our team has the necessary context to leverage the Aave Protocol and its products to create value for the Paladin DAO.

In addition to supporting the Aave GHO liquidity pools proposal, which could possibly see an aspect of Aave’s Safety Module allocation being used to source BAL and AURA incentives through Warden Quest, we would represent Dullahan’s interest by participating and voting on measures related to the dApp.

How will StableLab be held Accountable?

If entrusted with this delegation, we will initiate a dedicated Aave delegate forum thread to report our votes and provide the rationale behind our decisions in Aave Governance.

Additionally, we propose the establishment of a designated channel on the Realm Discord to facilitate open communication with the community. To further strengthen transparency and engagement, we suggest organizing a biweekly Paladin Meta-Governance call. During this call, Paladin’s representatives in other DAOs (Aave, Convex, and Aura Finance) would come together and address the community. They would discuss their strategies for representing Paladin’s interests in those communities and delve into how their approach would ultimately generate value for the Paladin DAO.

Furthermore, we recommend that each Paladin Representative submit a monthly report on the Paladin Forum. This report will provide a detailed summary of the following:

  • Voting Participation rate, Communication rate, and Total number of votes casted within that month.
  • Number of proposals written in the advancement of Paladin DAO
  • Summary of prospective integrations or opportunities for value generation for Paladin DAO.

What is StableLab?

StableLab is a governance firm specializing in comprehensive services and products for DAOs. We work with numerous DeFi DAOs on Ethereum, propelling governance forward through active participation and research. Our work extends across major DeFi protocols such as MakerDAO, Optimism, Aave, 1inch, Balancer, Element, Compound, and Uniswap. We develop systematic frameworks for DAOs, encompassing governance methodologies, decentralized workforce, implementation, documentation, communication, and community engagement.

Our team’s diverse background brings a nuanced perspective to our work, derived from our extensive experience across the various protocols we contribute to.

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Hello frens,

The ACI already has significant voting power in the Aave DAO and is committed to full independence, and do not receive voting power from VCs, Companies or Protocols, so we will not be candidates in this

As a “neutral” third party and Aave Delegate. I definitely recommend both StableLabs & TokenLogic to represent Paladin in the AaveDAO. here’s few remarks on boths:

  1. TokenLogic is a “spin-out” of Llama, a historical service provider of the Aave DAO, they authored many AIPs and voting/proposal power is useful for actors that are meant to publish AIPs

  2. Stablelab is a dedicated actor to governance and worked with us on governance guidelines & frameworks for the Aave DAO.

  3. Stablelab has experience with “meta-governance” with their implication in several defi protocols making it a strong candidate

  4. TokenLogic is dedicated to treasury management and protocol optimization proposals, there’s plenty of natural synergies between tokenLogic & Paladin, also they’re partly Frenchs, and we’re always biased in favor of the french mafia :smiley:

  5. TokenLogic already has enough proposition power to publish AIPs on their own due to Balancer/IndexCoop delegation to llama, Stablelab is not there yet with “only” ~17k voting power. if we want “balance” & equilibrium, stablelabs is the smallest player that would benefit the most from support.

hope this will help the community to make an informed decision. and if it’s too hard to pick one, I kindly remind the Paladin community that power can be segregated in the Aave DAO for voting & proposition
a third effective way would be to delegate voting power to stableLabs (as they have less for now & is more design to participate in votes and have a near-perfect vote record) and proposition power to TokenLogic (that is more designed to create and publish proposal), maybe that’s how everyone wins?

In any scenario, I would like to thx the Paladin community for their interest for the Aave DAO, we are firm believers in DeFi synergies at the Aave-Chan Initiative.

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Applications are now open for the reprensation of Paladin: PGM-34.2: Election of Paladin meta-governance delegates

Hi Everyone,

Prior to commenting on the other thread and formally candidating to become the delegate of choice of the Paladin community, we would like to provide additional context:

TokenLogic is a standalone team that supports Aave directly and indirectly via Llama. Recently, TokenLogic has pivoted towards working directly with Aave to support the GHO launch.

  • Unfortunately, TokenLogic is reliant on external support to submit AIPs. The 80,000 AAVE or stkAAVE proposal power is not that easy to reach.
  • Llama and ACI can both submit proposals on behalf of any contributor within the Aave ecosystem.
  • Neither TokenLogic or Stablenode are blocked from submitting AIPs.

TokenLogic currently has <700 delegated Aave votes and currently holds the lowest voting power of all recognised delegates.

  • The votes come from TokenLogic contributors themselves and a small number via the Butter Goods delegate competition.
  • TokenLogic is laser focused on becoming the best Aave delegate it can be within the Aave community.

The Aave Safety Module upgrade proposal was designed by Dydymoon and Matthew Graham. The impact driven by design improvements and shipping protocol upgrades are amongst the high impact and most meaningful contributions a team can make to a community.

When the SM upgrade and GHO liquidity launch plans are trusted to the same proven actors within the Aave ecosystem, we believe we (tokenLogic) have the best technical and practical capabilities to support Paladin within the Aave ecosystem.

Hey @benhoneill moving your questions to the right thread in order to avoid cramping up the space for actual applications.

I think for the sake of simplicity we should delegate simultaneously both types of gov. power. As we grow larger, we will most likely be able to be more flexible, and eventually even stop delegating and instead have a meta-governance page so dStkAave users can chose to use their voting power.

This should be self-explanatory, we expect the delegate to defend the interest of dStkAave holders.

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Small update, we rewrote the delegation module in order to delegate separately proposal and voting power on Aave.