PGM-54 - Vote on upcoming thWAR Spectra pool with veAPW voting power


Vote with the veAPW voting power towards the upcoming Tholgar Spectra gauge to attract more TVL on Warlord


With the launch of Spectra V2 (formerly APWine) and its transition to a permission-less system, anyone can create a pool with the ERC4626 token of their choice.

When Spectra V2 will be launched, Tholgar (a protocol with an auto-compounder on top of warlord) will create a pool for its product (thWAR).

Paladin has currently 160k APW (Spectra governance token) locked until 24/07/2024.

With the voting power given by this lock, a vote on Spectra gauges can be casted. To ensure an attractive APY towards Tholgar pool and motivate users to deposit, we propose to cast Paladin’s voting power to thWAR’s upcoming gauge.

As there is currently no other proposal involving the use of this strategic asset, the best usage for Paladin is to vote for this gauge until tokens are unlocked.

With this vote, the clear benefits for Paladin will be increased visibility for its Warlord product (through Tholgar) and there is a probability to increase the product’s TVL.


Vote on the multisig for the thWAR gauge once it has been deployed

Technical Implementation


Voting Options

  • For
  • Against
  • Rework
  • Abstain
  • For
  • Against
  • Rework
  • Abstain
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In favour of using our assets in a more productive manner! Especially if it helps bootstrap projects like Tholgar

In favor of using veAPW until the unlock, however the proposal should be reposted with PGM-54 as PGM-47 already exists (even if posted with a typo “PGP”): Snapshot