PIP-11: Enabling Warlord into the Paladin Protocol

Hi, thank you for your feedback!

If we didn’t change the ratio to 2:1 for AURA and 1:1 for CVX absolutely no-one would have ever minted some WAR with CVX. The fixed ratio is definitely not a long term solution but rather a design choice that was picked not to postpone the launch of the protocol. You can expect an even preciser approach in the future once we will have some better insights on how Warlord performed with the fixed ratio. We’re already doing a lot of rnd on the subject and we’ll communicate about it when we feel confident about the solution.

Indeed incentivizing the deposit of one of the two assets through a dynamic ratio is a possibility. However there’s no plan for Warlord to have some strict target weights at the moment.

The idea of Warlord is to get exposed to the the greater bribe market and not stay confined into one specific ecosystem. It’s possible that at some point WAR might have a lot more assets on one side than the other, however I’m expecting the market to somehow arbitrage this imbalance accordingly (through the price action of the token for example). I personally can’t wait to see how all this will play out!

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