PGM-31 :Allocation of resources in Warlord

TL-DR: Allocate all our liquid CVX and AURA to Warlord.

In parallel of Warlord’s release, a proposal was posted to allocate resources into WAR, amongst other things. It became quickly apparent that Treasury Management #5 was too heavy and contentious to be one single proposal.

While we have retracted our intentions of distributing DAO resources to hPAL holders this early in the project’s lifecycle, I remain adamant that depositing CVX & AURA into Warlord is an strong positive signal with low risks.

Currently Paladin has 1120 CVX and 3825 vlCVX that unlocked on the 12th of April as well as 3248 AURA and 3970 vlAURA that unlocked on the 12th. For a total estimated value of 52,500$.

We invite all stakeholders to a Town Hall call on Monday, the 17th of April to chat on the topic and find the best direction.

We believe that the DAO being a user of its own app is a strong positive signal on our endorsement of the dapps. Currently, our vlCVX and vlAURA are used to farm vote incentives, which wouldn’t change if we were to deposit into Warlord. The only difference would be that it would reduce current operational overhead, by letting us simply claim rewards in ETH.

The only potential downside is not having the ability to vote for our own gauges. At the moment this has never been considered since the incentive campaign via Quest has proven to be highly profitable while enabling us to keep distributing PAL to relevant stakeholders (veToken holders). If at any point this were to be considered, we can simply redeem our WAR.

Prospectively, we could re-create our PoL strategy by creating a WAR boosted pool, get a gauge and create Quest incentives.

In any case if Paladin is in need of liquidity, the DAO will always have the ability to redeem and recover deposited funds.


  • 4945 CVX;
  • 7218 AURA;

Votes options:

  • Yes, deposit all liquid CVX & AURA;
  • Let’s deposit half to begin with and review the strategy in 4 months;
  • No, we should lock ourselves;
  • Yes, let’s deposit!
  • Let’s experiment with half
  • No, let’s keep locking ourselves

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At what time are you planning the town hall on Monday? Will it be on Discord?
Maybe you want to check to see how many people are planning to attend?

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It will be on Discord on Monday at 5pm CET.

A few delegates have confirmed being there.

Thank you to everyone who showed up to the Town Hall! As agreed vote has been posted: Snapshot

Quorum PGM-31: 545 233 votes


We voted in favour of depositing all of Paladin’s liquid CVX & AURA into Warlord; in addition to reducing the current operational overhead, we agree with the author that by depositing CVX & AURA, we are signalling that Paladin has skin in the game, this would inspire confidence and motivate users and possibly other protocols to use Warlord.