PIP-7 : Reduce Quest fees to 4% (Formerly PPP-3)

TL-DR: Reduce the maximum 5% fee to 4% for Quest clients

We just voted to create a flexible fee system to reward large and regular Quest clients. After discussions with numerous clients we have realized that keeping the 5% tier made no sense as most clients only look for fees as a comparison factor.

By doing so, we are aligning ourselves with the market. While this can seem positive for our growth, we also have to take into account that we will simply earn less fees from Quest.

It is imperative we avoid entering a fee waiver death spiral for the sake of growth. As such, I intend this proposal to be the last for fee negociations.


Reminder: Ecosystem partners are wrappers that own at least 10% of the supply of veCRV or veBAL


Voting Options:
Yes / No / Abstain

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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It is not a problem to earn less if it is to attract more partners

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Full support on this proposal ! :fire:
It makes totally sense to remove the only tranche of the framework that is not competitive.

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Possibly less fees in the short run but more in the long run. The straightforward structure looks better to potential partners, imo.

I fully support this proposal.


Proposal is now live: Snapshot

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