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Here, you can find thought provoking, engaging discussion on dGov (decentralized governance), DeFi (decentralized finance), and everything related to the (Paladin) Realm!

You will want to be here because it is part of Paladin DAO! Where Discord and Twitter are great platforms to share information, here we can have organized/flowing debates on governance and speak about the future of the ecosystem.

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Airdrop landing link.

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FAQ will be posted here. You can also find the FAQ in our Discord server:Paladin’s Realm under #faq channel.

Q: Where is mainnet?

A: At app.paladin.vote

Q: Is there a formal whitepaper for Paladin?

A: It is currently being written, it is a big one. You can check pally-docs in the meantime.

Q: Where is your Github?

A: Check in pally-docs

Q: Can you share the token economic model?

A: At the moment no token has been announced.

Q: What is "The Summoning?

A: “The Summoning” are deposit periods to create TVL for the protocol to
optimize loan conditions. Part 1 will last two weeks after launch. Part 2 will end of the last day of the month (Oct. 31st) This may or may not be snapshotted to reward contribution to the rise of Paladin.

Q: Can you tell me more about “Knight of the Week”?

A: As part of the Summoning, starting next week (and moving forward) a “Knight of the Week ‘’ will be elected in our Discord server and be provided with 100 DAI prize. How to win ? Talk about us, constructively contribute or become a shining example of good governance.

Q: Does it mean that for these 2 weeks (after launch) our locked funds will not have any yields? and the farming actually starts in 2 weeks time?

A: No, they start earning yield on opened loans. We don’t display them because priority is TVL early on, to attract more loan

Q: So what are the current rates? The APY still says new even even 10 minutes after my deposit?

A: No APYs are shown because it is part our “The Summoning” campaign which will be end in max two weeks. Right now, the goal is to accumulate TVL and attract loans , but patient users will be rewarded.

Q: I basically send my tokens to a paladin pool that then allows others to borrow? Where does the fee/ interest rate come from?

A: The borrower pays fees to get the voting for a period of time.
And those fees are the yield for LPs.

Q: What fees are they paying in? In the governance token itself or in paladin (does paladin have a token?)

A: Paladin does not have a token yet. But we are working on it. More news to come in the future. As for fees, it depends on which pool users are staking in. In the token of the pool. If you want UNI votes, you pay in UNI.

Q: Wen DAO?

A: In a couple of months or sooner.

Q: Wen audit release?

A: We just finished counter audits, should publish the document tomorrow or Monday.

Q: On a higher level what’s the main difference between lending model here and on
bluechip lending protocols?

A: We just lend voting power, no token. it’s all done through delegation. In essence, we’re just loaning voting power, no collateral needed and no counterparty risk.

Q: How does it work mechanically? Is there some sort of delegator contract that votes for you?

A: We have tokens that only work with delegation mechanisms, that way the borrower receives more voting power. It also means you have to get that voting power before Proposal/Vote, because once the voting snapshot is done, you can’t get more voting power.

Q: Is this a large pool of shared tokens provided by individual LPs?

A: Yes. So the pool holds all the tokens available for delegation, and once someone borrows a given amount, we put them in a specific contract, and delegate that to the borrower. And anyone not seeing any incentive in voting/delegating can just park their tokens in our Pools and get some juicy APY when people need voting power.

Q: How do you guys think about institutional holders considering DeFi governance is super skewed towards VC owning tokens? Do you expect them to participate at all?

A: This is actually one of our main subjects. And we hope, through Paladin lending and the next projects, give more tools to help anyone have more weight in governance.

Q: How is the roadmap in introducing further protocols? Right now, I am not into Aave and Comp and hence limited to try the platform.

A: Definitely stick around, we still have a lot more governances to hit up.

Q: What channel should we join for community calls?

A: Community-ama channel for text questions and Agora channel for voice.

Q: What’s the cut-off for early adopters of Paladin lending? Gas is really high.

A: The cut off date to be part of the airdrop was October 29th, 2021. If you participated and qualify for the airdrop, you have 88 days from that date to claim your tokens(January 25th, 2022).

Q: Whats the total supply of PAL token?

A: 50 million.

Q: Will users of the early testnet participate in the airdrop?

A. Unfortunately we decided to go against this.

Q: Can someone explain Paladin to me paladin in a few sentences?

A: Paladin Protocol’s goal is to democratizing voting in DeFi. You cannot have strong DeFi without strong DGov. Currently, protocol voting has a very low turnout rate for voting so the protocol aims to change that drastically by letting persons supply their otherwise governance tokens in our pools to earn a yield while a borrower can borrow the voting power for a set period of time for voting in any given proposal. Mind you, borrowing the voting power not the tokens. The tokens never leave our protocol.

Q: Did you distirbute according to pool participation %?

A: No. 25k per pool. 100k total.

Q: So Paladin aims to increase turnout rate for other protocols?

A: One of many goals. Ideally, yes. There has to be an incentive for others outside of whales and people in the governance voting niche to become involved. Financial incentives, as an example, always bear fruit. Again, this is just the beginning. The issue of plutocracy in governance voting already exists and Paladin is presenting solutions.

Q: Website/airdrop page not working.

A: Website is on IPFS. We have been working on a fix. If you’re still experiencing issues, please use a VPN.

Q: Gas is so high! It’s not worth to claim!

A: Unfortunately, gas prices are outside of our control. Sunday is the best time to do transactions when gas is low.

Q: How do I know that I am an OG member of Paladin?

A: OGs have an OG NFT they received two weeks prior to TGE. NFT collection here: https://opensea.io/collection/paladin-og-community

Q:Why can’t I buy or sell PAL?

A: Token is currently non transferable at the moment. That will change in the future.

Q: What is the token contract address?

A: Token address: 0xAB846Fb6C81370327e784Ae7CbB6d6a6af6Ff4BF

Q: Still confused. Is there a video to learn more?

A: Paladin - Borrow DeFi Voting Power - YouTube by Fugu

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQoIk_vRycY - RektFarmer

Q: I claimed tokens but I didn’t self delegate because the screen changed. Is that ok?

A: You can always self delegate later. You have 88 days from the Token Generation Event (TGE) to do so. Just interact with contract. We’re going to release a portal for delegates in the near future.

Q: Is it me or is the app not working right now?

A: A bit slower on the claim page, might be a lot people claiming.

Q: For OGs it would make sense to wait until the additional 500 is dropped for them to claim I would think?

A: They will not be dropped using the same system.

Q: So whatever is claimable now is it for the drop? I should just claim all now?

Yes, you have that option. You can also wait up until 90 days after date of TGE event to claim tokens.

Q: When can I ape into the almighty Paladin?

A:We’re going to release a liquidity mining campaign in the coming week. But transactions will only be enabled once governance feels it is ready.

Q: Quick question, you guys raised capital if I’m not wrong?

A: $2.55M Seed of Paladin’s Ecosystem Championing Open Activism in Decentralized Governance - MarketWatch

Q: Why isn’t the site letting me connect wallet?

A:Hello, website may be congested due to claims. Also, please reach out to our #support channel for assistance.

Q: Share of the pool has no influence on the number of PAL dropped ?

A: It did, it was pro rata of share of the pool

Q:Im positive I voted on Uniswap but didnt make the cutoff - was there a date it had to be by?

A:29th of October, 2021.

Q: Wondering if i would have borrow voting power (on Paladin) to vote on AAVE would i have a better airdrop ?

A: If you had voted on Aave, yes, not for loans as we got sybil attacked and decided not to reward borrows as they were too small.

Q: Did I read community members get part of the airdrop?

A: Yes, OG community members. This applies to members who received a limited edition Pally NFT a few weeks ago. We’ll create a more interesting approach to borrower mining for Liquidity Mining in a week or two max. This is only the beginning.

Q:Is there a set date for token transferability ?

A:Not at the moment.

Q:Similar to Ribbon too I guess?

A:Yes, we got inspired by Ribbon system.

Q:Testnet is over?

A:You can take part in it but we’ve been already on main net since late September: Paladin

Q:Can you give me some general info about the Airdrop?

A:We’re officially dropping over 1,108,000 tokens to all the users that make Paladin the best it ever could. These will be available to claim for 90 days. Our OG members, who have heavily contributed to strong vibes in the Discord will receive 500 PAL next week (this is only the beginning). Depositors who were early adopters of Paladin lending will share 100,000 PAL between themselves (25,000 per pool)
Users who have voted or created proposals in the Aave, Compound, Uniswap or Curve governance will share 1,000,000 PAL.

Only way to acquire some PAL atm is to claim here: Paladin And you can only claim if you conducted a transaction in the pools prior to 31st of October.

Q:Isn’t bribing already something that Andre worked on?

A:Bribing is a different logic. Projects pool rewards and people who voted the expected way share the spoils. We literally loan the influence, it’s more composable. We think our solution scales better.

Q:That prevents someone getting a flash loan and hence borrows a lot of governance voting power? (of course against a certain price, but it can skew up the proposals?)

A:Can’t borrow for less than two blocks so no flags loans. And you can’t borrow and vote on something already live. You have to do it before snapshot is taken.

Q:Is there a risk that a user borrows for too long and incurs too much costs?

A: We literally programmed loans to last at least 2 blocks by default

Q: Proposals could extend their voting interval, making it more resistant to these attacks?

A: That too, but we’re trying not to create new attack vector

Q: Btw, where is sushi or yet to be added?

A: We’re cooking the rice ser

Q: I’m trying to find Galaxy Digital’s investment in Paladin but I can’t find~ can you give me a direction? I normally check these info at cruchbase.com but I can’t find

A: Greenfield One on LinkedIn: Backing Paladin — a governance lending protocol

Q: I think i have voted for uniswap, however not qualified for airdrop. Anywhere to do a wallet check again if no PAL abs we voted?

A: Governance tab on website.

Q:I voted for uniswap in snapshot, but I can’t claim $PAL…

A:We only counted on chain votes. A lot of users have been confusing on chain voting and participating in the snapshot polls. We only counted in chain votes. On Aave the very early voted we’re done in another system which we didn’t fetch for technical reasons. Anyone who voted on chain on Uniswap should have some tokens.

Q: Where can I buy $PAL?

A: Not possible right now, the token is non-transferable until governance says otherwise.

Q: Is there any eligible address list?

A: Not at the moment, you can check if you are eligible on our TGE interface in the app. If you voted on chain you are eligible.

Q: May I ask if Paladin has any backers?

A: $2.55M Seed of Paladin’s Ecosystem Championing Open Activism in Decentralized Governance - MarketWatch

Q: How can I know the price of $PAL? it seems that there is no liquidity in Uniswap and neither in Sushi

A: $PAL is currently non transferable. There is no price. Won’t be tradeable and no price until governance is settled.

Q: You can lend vote power whenever you wish right?

A: Yes, but do bear in mind that if you borrow after a vote goes live, your voting power will not be taken into account because most systems manage voting power by taking a snapshot when vote goes live.

Q: And borrow rate will fluctuate depending on market conditions? As if there is some huge vote (lets sey for aave or uni to distribute treasury to holders) borrowing aave voting power could get pricy?

A: Depends on how many votes are borrowed, compared to proposal threshold and utilization rate of our pools. Instead of UNI or AAVE you should look at COMP, it’s literally happening right now. If someone wants to slurp all of our delicious COMPs

Q: That’s thing that confuses me to effectively use borrowed voting power you need to anticipate big vote inc so its basically insiders trading of votes?

A: Depends on how many votes are borrowed, compared to proposal threshold and utilization rate of our pools. No, you just have to read forums / look at polls. Big governance systems have a process of governance : Forum proposal → Temperature check (polling on Snapshot) → On chain vote. Usually last 2 weeks to 1 month.

Q: Any more data/info i can dig about paladin except few medium posts?

A: Last Community Call was a good insight on what we’re building till the end of the year.

Q: Do we have connect our wallet to check the number of airdrop tokens?

A: Yes, will need to connect your wallet: Paladin

Q:I had vote uni proposal in snapshot before 2021/10/30 , why i no PAL to claim ?

A:Votes on snapshot do not mean you will receive PAL token. Please re-read the article.

Q: If you were a Squire at the start of October, would you have been in the running for an OG NFT?

A: Not necessarily, it was dependent on your discord activity until mid October

Q: What if you were really active in the amusement district? does that count for anything?

A: Nope

Q: Can we, the ones that missed the Screenshot, claim the remaining Tokens, If WE have staked them e.g. AAVE?

A: If you deposited stkAAVE into the protocol during the snapshot period, yes. Was until October 29th, 2021, but there will be liquidity mining.

Q: Why aren’t tokens self delegated by default?

A:Because you’d have to force it to be paid during claim if we didn’t separate it.

Q:Can you guys help me? I’m clicking on claim tokens and nothing happens.

A:Please post this question in #support channel.

Q:Is there nexus insurance for paladin? there could be more stkaave looking for a home


Q:Hey guys I’ve deposited in PAL (palAAVE) in early October but got no $PAL airdrop claim, what to do?

A:On Mainnet ? Depends on when you removed it

Q: How to claim PAL?

A: On app.paladin.vote. Then, click on governance tab.

Q: Grants program in future?

A: Maybe a grants program if we become successful.

Q: Where can I find why I got the amount I got?

A: Depends on what category you belong: Both or either of the two

  1. (UNI, COMP, AAVE, STKAAVE) 25,000 $PAL/each pools
  2. You’ve participated on the voting of the proposal (1M $PAL) (edited)

Q:I haven’t made a deposit in October, what are the claims, sir?

A:In order to qualify for the said airdrop, you must have participated on the category mentioned above. Anyway, if you haven’t made a deposit or you’re just new here. The team already allocated 67.6% of the total supply (50M $PAL) for the “Community Treasury”. In order to get some free tokens, you need to participate on the liquidity liquidity mining campaign.

Q: Ok done digging deep in project, done whit all written posts, community calls etc. Only thing left is token and tokenomics when more info?

A: In a month, not revealing anything till everything is working.

Q: Why is it so low?

A: It’s pro rata of the size of your deposit

Q: Its impressive how many people believe in you and claim these low amounts

A: I agree, and we’ll make it worth the effort. Paladin is a game to solve coordination in governance, it’s not a get rich scheme or a ponzi, those who get this will gmi.

Q: Why are some people only receiving one $PAL token?

A:Yeah it’s not everyone, maybe 10-20 people who deposited dust to get airdrop. You can follow number of claim and size on token contract.

Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain Explorer

Paladin Token (PAL) Token Tracker | Etherscan

Paladin Token (PAL) Token Tracker on Etherscan shows the price of the Token $0.00, total supply 50,000,000, number of holders 457 and updated information of the token. The token tracker page also shows the analytics and historical data.

Q: Only have like 1 PAL token to claim. With gas fees not too sure it’s worth it.

A:There will be other yield opportunities.

Q:I would like to test the protocol. How can I do so?

A: Paladin

Q: How to connect my wallet account to paladin discord

A: You can’t at this time. Only through app: Paladin

Q: Hi guys! I have self delegated my freshly airdropped $PAL , do you know if there is any feature to see them on the front end?

A: Not yet ! We’re working on the governance interface will be progressively rolled out this month in November 2021.

Q: Seems to be a nice project but with this kind of APY, I fail to see how it will gain traction.

A: This is a very good point/ Apy is very, there will be 3 growth plan for yield:

  1. Liquidty Mining (coming very soon, ie : in November)
  2. Interest rates (still low because we don’t have enough depth in pools to do large loans)
  3. Passive yield aggregation on top
    All in all we are aware yield are low, but paladin has been live 30 days. It’s not easy to bootstrap it.

Q: I’m new to this project. Please explain to me.

A: Protocol Overview - Docs
Paladin - Borrow DeFi Voting Power - YouTube
Airdrop for Governance Voters ( Curve, Aave, Compound, Uniswap ) - YouTube

Q: Hello, plz what does mean “self delegate” After claiming airdrop ?

A: Use your voting power on yourself. We’re going to release a clearer governance interface.

Q: Can WE only claim token for now ?

A: Yes, we’re rolling out everything progressively. Especially because we know it will take some time for enough people to claim.

Q: I voted for the first AIP on AAVE (lend->aave) but it seems i’m not eligible for the paladin’s airdrop, is it normal ? Thanks

A: Unfortunately we couldn’t include all governance systems in every protocol. This was way too heavy to create an airdrop. There will be a lot of other opportunities to accumulate some $PAL.

Q: A fatal question: They didn’t use Paladin to bribe votes, or could Paladin vote on proposals in progress?

A:The votes you get when borrowing on Paladin are only effective before the snapshot, not during the voting period. As an example, for the Compound governance, it means anytime before the creation of the Proposal, and during the 2-day period between the Proposal creation, and the start of the voting period. This is also a way to make sure Paladin will not be a way to push a bad Proposal if you get countered. This is one of our guardrails, and we think it’s a must have. We also want people to start planning governance votes before, not when all is live and vote already started. Your not gathering a War Chest when your soldiers are already in the battle.

Q: I don’t know if $ENS has a proxy function

A: $ENS has a delegation system Let’s say that it will join the “potential token on Paladin” list, while we all watch the 1st steps of their Governance.

Q: If that time has not been borrowed, consider supporting the proposal that is being voted?

A: The current Pools don’t use the votes not borrowed during a Proposal. Later, the Paladin community & the community of each Pool (eg the COMP one, or the AAVE one) could decide that a basic answer would be voted for all Proposals. But that need to be inputed each time (bc if the Pool votes ‘YES’ each time, I just have to set the Proposal the way ‘YES’ is the bad outcome, and get a lot of free support).

Q: Have you considered adding proposal content? Similar to Boardroom.

A: Yes, it’s a possibility we consider. We are still thinking of the best way to present that. We are working on this. It just takes time.

Q: Doesn’t all this mean paladin lending APY will skyrocket for few days than back to really low digits (with no incentives counted in)?

A: Yes, on the basic Lending APY, it will go up and down depending on Governance activity. But again, once the Pools are big enough, we have no idea for what people will need voting power. (edited)