Community Call Minutes/Discussion

Thread for Paladin community call minutes and discussion.


5th Community Call (Jan 6, 2022) Notes

• Reduce COMP pool 10k $PAL/month
• Reduce AAVE pool to 10k $PAL/month
• Reduce UNI pool to 75k $PAL/month
• Raise StAAVE pool to 100k $PAL/month
• Allocate 20k $PAL/month for pal StkAAVE integrations (to be voted)

State of Paladin: Delegation & Governance

  1. Current Circulating Supply: 356, 847 $PAL
  2. 54.68% of it currently delegated to get Voting Power

Social Media Stats (as of 1/5/2021)
• 756 $PAL wallet holders
• 2438 Twitter Followers
• 2118 Discord Followers

Phase 1: Vote Lending
Phase 2: Delegate/Vote Transparency (Q1 2022)
Phase 3: Minority Holder Coordination


• Introducing Warden: a veBoost marketplace (Buy and Sell Boost)
o Objective: To become a weapon stealer
o “Any protocol that goes with veCRV-like tokenomics, and that has some form of veBoost/Delegation style in the system, can get a possible Warden market
o “One of the best example rn is KP3R : not the exact same veBoost than vecRV, but very close, enough to make it possible”

Detailed Article: 1/7/2022
Release: Week of 1/10/2022
Additional Modules *Calculator, Aggregator

Contributor Framework Status Update (December 2021)
• 3 Squires leveled up to Wanderers
• 2 leveled up to Warriors

Knight of the Week
• 100 $PAL and an NFT (Prize)
• Nominated every Friday

Dune Dashboard (2000 $PAL Community bounty for creating Dune Dashboard)

AMA Portion of the Call Questions

  1. What are the teams’ thoughts on governance overall lately, Curve wars, Redacted Cartel, others coming to the delegated governance space? – Bullish on the different wars currently going on the space
  2. Roadmap details and any partnerships, expansion plans, etc.
  3. Cross chain governance - how does it work in practice? Can Paladin support it or are there plans to support it?