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Hello Paladins,

It’s an honour for me to be the first squire to submit my delegation application.

I followed the governance of DeFi protocols very closely and consider it an essential topic (and major risk/attack vector in some cases). Earlier this year, I was getting increasingly desperate with the absolute lack of innovations we were seeing in terms of the structure of governance: 1 token = 1 vote with skewed distributions and Compound-governance fork who end up mostly captured by VCs and insiders… I even wrote on the topic: Janus: the new sworn enemy of DeFi protocols?

Luckily, I’ve met Romain & Valentin at this year EthCC and they helped me understand the various technical or non-technical solutions Paladin could provide to streamline the governance processes of DeFi protocol and make them more efficient.

My stance on vote bribery

I never really had an issue with vote bribery in the first place, I don’t project “morals” on such a topic. I’ve been amongst the first people bribed for my veCRV votes, and then vlCVX and I’m proud of it.

I think vote bribery will occur anyhow (for instance through OTC deals with whales) so we might as well set a proper onchain system to handle it in full transparency and with some guarantees, aka the DeFi way.

Who I am / what I do

I’m a French native fascinated with DeFi since its early days. I’ve helped create and grow the most active French-speaking decentralized finance community: DeFi France.

Project-wise, I’m working with the ParaSwap team to help grow the community and steward our proto-governance process. I’m also a NFT-maniac and involved with an amazing project on that front: Luchadores. Come kick my ass in the arena soon!

Finally, I have a FR/EN/ES blog to discuss DeFi, NFTs and governance-related topics & I stream every week on Twitch (in French) to deep-dive into the most interesting DeFi mechanics. We even had a “marathon” session with Romain dedicated to Paladin (FR) a few weeks ago.

My vision for Paladin / contributions as delegator

I see Paladin as a most needed and useful tool to streamline governance — that’s step 1 (We are here).

Eventually, I think most the value of Paladin will reside in providing comprehensive support for DeFi activism campaigns, ranging from tools to borrow voting power (current), but also support in writing proposals, helping navigate the DAO landscape, identifying the key/MVP governance participants, etc.

At the end of the day, I think Paladin can provide an amazing all-in-one solution to help small or big fish alike to organize, mobilize and actually have influenced major DeFi protocols and this is what drew me in.

When it comes to Paladin’s governance itself, I will support decisions helping to facilitate the realization of this ambition. As a delegate, I’d also picture my role as the one of a facilitator who is here to help mobilize the community, make sure it understands the pros & cons of the decisions so that it can be as informed as possible.

I will use my public address to handle the delegations: tokenbrice.eth

:information_source: Disclosures: I’ve received some PAL as part of the airdrop. I’m also an investor in the project.

PS: In all MMOs I played, I was the tank. My Eva Templar in Lineage 2 kicked some serious asses and was even the hero of the arena for a few periods. :nerd_face:


I’m ready for battle; what about you, squires: are you?


Congratulations on taking the dive!

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Hey Pals,

Since I met Romain at Llama, I’ve come to appreciate his insights on governance and the angle for how liquid governance remedies a lot of the issues we’ve been seeing with token governance.

My stance on liquid democracy (vote bribing)
Since Brice answered this question, figured I might as well pop in my opinion.
I’d argue that vote bribing is actually good since it unlocks votes that would otherwise sit unused. In an emergency scenario or just a normal vote occurs, there’s often a large percentage of votes that stay on the sidelines.

This takes away legitimacy away from the votes, and Paladin helps fix this.

Who I am / What I Do
I’m based in the SF Bay Area, and I’ve been involved in DeFi for a little less than a year, but during that time I’ve been basically full time into DAOs. I met Figue at Llama Community, but moved on to Commonwealth, helping with product, governance, etc.

Commonwealth for those who don’t know, make crypto native forums. We have dYdX, Alpha Finance, and a few other DeFi protocols. Check us out!

As a personal project, I’m working on revenue based financing solutions for DeFi, but focusing on DAOs for now. DM if you’re interested in learning more.

My Vision for Paladin / Contributions as a delegator
I’m super involved in the DeFi ecosystem thanks to a lot of the other stuff that I’m doing, and I’m really interested in the potential for Pal as a unit for metagovernance. As a result, I can help shill Pal to people, and help make intros to other projects when I think there can be a good connection to Paladin. I’m particularly interested in taking a role to shape the tokenomics.

My Assurance

  • I’ll vote 100% of the time
  • When you delegate with me, I’ll make my stances clear at least 48 hours in advance of a vote on my Twitter, to allow time for you to unstake your delegation if you disagree.
  • I’ll also provide rationales for why I vote in a certain way, and am always open to feedback (twitter DMs are open)

I’ll also use my public address to handle delegations: williamx.eth

I also received some PAL as part of the airdrop, but otherwise, no other disclosures.

P.S. Quick plug to check out my Twitter, see if you like my stances, my shitposts, etc



Dear Fellow Paladins,

I would like to serve as a delegate for Paladin. My goal as a delegate will be to represent, engage, and align institutional interests with the Paladin community.

About Me:

I’ve worked as a cryptoasset researcher in many capacities for over 4 years:

  • 2017-2018: Part-time conducting open-source due diligence on ICOs for ConcourseQ
  • 2018-2021: Full-time proprietary research and trading
  • 2021: Content & editing on sophisticated DeFi topics for DeFi Pulse
  • 2021-Ongoing: Venture and Fund of Funds researcher for L1 Digital

L1 Digital is a Switzerland-based crypto-focused venture fund and fund of funds with considerable AUM. We have strong ties to several hedge funds, venture cap funds, and service providers who, as the cryptoasset sector develops, are increasingly faced with an important question:

How can institutions responsibly exercise or utilize governance powers?

As a delegate, I will represent the interests of L1 Digital in addition to my own interests.

DAO & DeFi Experience:

  • I am a core contributor/community member in the Threshold DAO. My focus and responsibilities at Threshold include treasury management, integrations, governance, and token economics.

  • I am a core contributor to a recently launched security auditor DAO.

  • I have been working with DeFi Pulse in some shape or form since inception.

Thoughts on Governance:

I have a fascination with tokenized/liquid governance – an interest that I am sure is shared by many of you. This fascination is what led me to Keep/NuCypher when the merger was announced. This fascination led me to Paladin. While many believe decentralization to be the core value proposition of cryptoassets, I’ve long believed that protocolized governance is, in fact, the core value proposition. While projects selectively fall across the centralization spectrum, the uniting virtue is the desire to be governed digitally. However, as many projects have realized, this desire, despite well-intentioned, births significant challenges beyond the traditional start-up-and-ship model that we’ve become accustomed to in Web2.

My goal is simple on the supply side: help educate institutions on ethical governance and teach them to lend whenever they prefer not to exercise their governance rights. In this, I see myself as mostly contributing to the supply side of the marketplace.

On the demand side, my goal is to work with institutions to properly use the Paladin platform. Over the next few months, as a community, I expect that we will define proper use with more accuracy. I believe the demand side of this marketplace will be the largest challenge for two reasons:

  • Borrowing agents will likely have a sensitivity to timing. If these borrowing agents represent decentralized organizations, then the costs / learning curve for using Paladin will likely prove prohibitive. If they are centralized, then the perception of the platform could be skewed if communication with borrowing agents is insufficient. We’ll need to be extremely diligent as we try to understand both successful and failed borrows attempts.
  • Ethical governance is an incredibly delicate practice, especially when money is involved. While our mechanisms (and to their credit, our incredible team) are actively mitigating this risk, we’ll need extremely strong communication with any of the protocols who are listed on Paladin. That is why I advocate for electing a delegate from the major protocols (e.g. COMP, AAVE, UNI).


I believe that as a delegate I can help accelerate the adoption of Paladin while championing our values as a community. I care deeply for this industry and have spent years researching successful and failed implementations of governance.

My fellow Americans recognize the 1st amendment (the freedom of speech) as the most important of the amendments. Speech is important simply because it is the most effective defense against tyranny and oppression (the pen >>> the sword). The ability to monetize speech is, itself, an expression of speech. Together, we can build the most important marketplace – the marketplace for speech. Such a marketplace will help direct governance from those who have and don’t know to those who don’t have and do know, taking us one giant step closer to a protocolized meritocracy.



Hello Pals,

I am Will and this is my Paladin delegate intro post. Paladin immediately struck me as an innovative project that had potential to provide major value to the governance ecosystem in crypto.

Who am I / What do I do?

I have been messing around in crypto since 2016 and worked full time in the space since 2017. My primary focus over the years has been on community building at early stage crypto startups which have been backed by major investors such as Coinbase Ventures, Draper Associates, Polychain Capital, a16z and many more. Along the way I have launched my own project and been invited to give speeches at international crypto conferences.

Currently I am building the Keep Network and tBTC community. We are undergoing the world’s first decentralized protocol merge with NuCypher creating the upgraded Threshold Network. This world’s first merge process was community driven and relied heavily on both existing network governance systems to determine outcomes. I helped navigate both communities through this novel merge process. Right now the community is focused on many things including building early structures for and ironing out design details (such as emergency security developer multisig mechanics) on the Threshold DAO. As a result, I spend a lot of time thinking about and researching the best ways to structure and build efficient DAOs which lead me to Paladin in the first place.

Why Delegate to me?

I have already been actively contributing to the early Paladin community, spreading the word about Paladin in the crypto ecosystem and making quality team introductions. I am an OG community member and the first mod. I believe in our community and Paladin / governance in the long term.

I will leverage my experience in crypto communities, governance navigation and DAOs to provide direct value to the Paladin community as a delegate. For example, just recently - I have helped the Threshold community successfully navigate the mStable governance system and Curve governance system to earn yes votes on early tBTC v2 integrations.

My votes will primarily keep two things in mind:

  1. what is best for the Paladin in the long term
  2. what is best for the Paladin community and our contributors

I will use this address for delegations that I have specifically created for all things Paladin community:



Hey Paladin Community,

I met @Figue in Paris right before Paladin launched and while I was in the midst of a very rigorous proposal effort with a leading protocol. At the time, my main thought was “damn, can you guys launch tomorrow, we’re gonna need some votes!”

Well, fast forward a few months and here we are, bravo team!

As strong believers in new infrastructure and emerging communities, Flipside Crypto and its dedicated governance team (Flipside Governance) would like to serve as a delegate for Paladin.

Flipside Governance x Paladin

Who is Flipside Governance?

Flipside Governance (fGo), an arm of Flipside Crypto, was established in September 2021, to directly support, contribute, and drive participation in our partner communities - helping improve the efficiency of this critical piece of protocol health. We operate in a range of DAOs and communities, such as Aave, SushiSwap, ENS DAO, OlympusDAO, and many others. We are committed to using this team and experience to improve DAOs one proposal at a time.

We are one of the few full-time governance teams dedicated to the complete Web3 ecosystem. We have developed a key understanding of the needs and flow of information in the governance process and key tooling to be successful.

A few of our results thus far are as follows:

  • Passed a $1,000,000 SushiSwap Grant, with 99.83% votes in favor
  • Won awards for activity in Aave, Anchor, and SushiSwap Forums (New User of the Month)
  • Review Committee Member at Aave Grants DAO
  • Applied and received ENS DAO delegation, representing 3.10k delegated votes
  • Active voting in multiple ecosystems: Aave, Sushi, ENS DAO, Terra, Algorand, and more
  • Research extensively on emerging and legacy Governance structures (SNX, ILV)
  • Active in over a dozen forums, OlympusDAO, Terra, Anchor, to name a few
  • Won multiple grants from Compound, Uniswap, and Aave

Why seek delegation for Paladin?

We have experienced firsthand the difficulties of protocol governance and the intricacies of holding voting power. Paladin not only unlocks easier access to voting resources but through the $PAL token, incentivizes greater governance participation. As @tokenbrice calls out, there is plenty of room for improved proposals, a greater understanding of the governance landscape, and relationships with key players and stakeholders. fGo spends every waking hour focused on exactly this, and we are very excited about the prospect of bringing our expertise to the Paladin ecosystem.

What we appreciate about DAO Governance & Liquid Governance

We believe governance is best achieved through:

  1. proper education (what votes mean and why)
  2. fairly distributed voting power (quadratic voting, voting rewards)
  3. an improved tooling stack

Paladin helps improve these three things through a modern solution to voting. Liquid Governance, as pioneered by Paladin, is the next step in a better governance process. Moreover, on-demand liquidity is an important driver of user participation in votes and its full potential for governance is yet to be realized.

fGo (Flipside Governance) aligns with this mission and would be honored to help improve and streamline processes within the DAO & protocol and bring valuable resources to Paladin. By selecting us as delegates, we aim to represent the views of a range of users and provide unique analytics to justify our data-driven decisions. Together with the Paladin community, we can create a stronger, more informed governance process in Paladin DAO and others.


As delegates, we promise:

  • Constant monitoring of votes and participation in each vote
  • Open discussion and contribution to the DAO forum and Discord
  • Transparency about when we vote and how we vote
  • A shared commitment to the future success of Paladin

We hope to continue to build the future of crypto with Paladin DAO and committed governance efforts.

Our Address:



Love this. Welcome ser!


Hello Paladins !

I started to hear about Paladin last year on Defi France. We discussed it with Romain several times since this moment and the solutions that Paladin offers to make governance more efficient in Defi announce exciting times ahead.

I’d like to propose myself as a delegate, to explain the proposals to the community on my personal twitter and on the forum/discord to either help bring more people to vote themselves or represent them as a delegate.

My opinion on vote bribing:

I believe that there is a bad side just bribing people to make them vote the way you want, but we’re still very early in the governance ecosystem, and voting on chain is expensive on mainnet so it’s a good incentive to get people to vote in the beginning, then understand the mechanism and the power of their votes, and finally decide how to actually use their power to either just earning more money, or start to get involved in the projects they support.

Who am I / What I do:

I’m a French native involved in the Defi world since mid-2020. I try to participate in the governance and help the projects when I can, so in governance, partnerships, marketing/education and tokenomics depending on the project’s needs.

I’ve been involved in Aave, Beefy, Jarvis, recently I started to participate on Apwine and Paraswap, and of course, I want to be a part of Paladin adventure. I’m also a member of Llama community that helps the DAOs create strategies for their treasuries.

Here is a few links about my participation in a some of these projects:

My vision for Paladin / Contributions as a delegate:

I believe that Paladin will become a pillar of the ecosystem by helping everyone to easily get access to governance power and support for DAO contributions.

As a delegate I’ll speak about the governance proposals on twitter to involve the community, and of course I’ll vote and participate in the discussions. Paladin DAO will also benefit from my defi experience and contacts if needed.

I will use my public address for delegations:

dydymoon.sismo.eth - 0xAFe4043c9FFd31753c5bE2B76dfc45AaA70ebD6f


:muscle: :shield: You’ve been with us for a while ser. Thanks for submitting your nomination!


Hello PALS!

I’m officially presenting my delegation application.

I want to be fully involved in the DAO and it is only natural that I introduce myself to you.

Who am I / What I do

I’m a French native in love with DeFi and freedom. I made my weapons on the BSC, Polygon then Ethereum (like in an MMORPG I gained more and more xp)

I discovered Paladin through a youtube video and it immediately resonated with me. Governance is an aspect that is not often addressed when entering DeFi, but when we look closely at the ecosystem, it is something vital.

My vision for Paladin / Contribution as delegator

As I said, governance is essential and especially an asset if well used. It gives control over protocols with billions of TVL and gives access to very big treasury.
Unfortunately, too few people know about it, but that’s where Paladin comes in. To make people aware that by organizing and coordinating themselves properly they can have a lot of power and money!

As a delegate I would like to make sure that you can always vote with a clear understanding of the ins and outs.
I think that governance has to be fun for people to be interested in it. That’s why I write threads that are colorful enough to get people interested!

Many people have trouble seeing the big picture but that’s where my strength lies: being an Hopium Maker !

In the long run, I hope that we will be able to help people to become fully autonomous.

I will use my public address to handle the delegations:

Let’s do great things together PALS ! :shield: :shield:


Hello everyone ! :shield:

I’m finally doing my introduction to become a delegate on Paladin ! :rofl:

I think many of you know me by now from my involvement with Paladin (especially through bounties) but I don’t plan on stopping there.

But for the others: I am known as Starny, a Belgian lover of DeFi.
Paladin offers me an apprenticeship in DeFi to dimensions that I didnt know before. Paladin also offers me an experience that is worth it !

And it was this experience in particular that made me realize the importance of governance in DeFi, and I can also understand that some people do not have time to be fully interested in it as much as I or the other delegates, This is why I want to take good care of your voting power, because like you, I want Paladin to be stronger and go further by taking the right decisions.

My experience is just beginning as I recently had an opportunity open up to me as well as my involvement with Paladin which only makes me grow day by day.

I have nothing more to share with you to push you to delegate for me other than to trust my motivation and my involvement in DeFi and particularly projects like Paladin, Paraswap, Jarvis, APWine, etc…

Delegation can be done on my ENS: Starny.eth