PGM-24 : Liquidity Mining Adjustment #6 (Formerly No Num)

TL-DR : Reducing INDEX pool emissions

Context :

As stated in PuRe 1, confirmed in PGP-4 and extended in PGP-12, we have gathered data to optimize the distribution of PAL for deposits in Paladin Lending.

Reminder : The LM campaign was created to push the deposit pools to proposal threshold, this goal hasn’t been reached yet, the stkAave pool is currently experiencing a staled TVL. With the advent of new stkAave utility, we are currently considering how to optimize the pool for this.

Proposal :

  • Reduce INDEX pool emissions to 1000 / month ;

Rationale :

We have created an INDEX pool to unleash levered meta-governance and introduced the concept of Index Meta-Gov proposals on their forums. Even with LM, the pool has failed to really take off in sufficient size for us to quickly iterate on it. We believe that we should keep incentivizing the pool without seeking exponential growth. Deposits should come as we grow its utility.

Means :

None outside of gas spendings to adjust mining output.

Voting Options :

No / Not voting will execute the changes