PGM-29 :Retro-Active Grant #Feb 2023

TL-DR: February monthly grants

As Paladin grow, it inevitably needs more work than the Core team can provide, and while we expect new team members to pick up some initiatives as revenue ramps up, our treasury is not at a point where it can support this.

Which is why we have started giving out retroactive grants to significant DAO contributions with PGM-26.

The idea of this grant program is to reward individuals in PAL for their time spent working on Paladin. This compensates for the fact it is currently not possible for us to pay these quality contributors, so instead we can align them by giving them PAL.

Anyone is free to recommend someone’s actions in the monthly thread with the following structure:

  • Name;
  • Description of the work done (with links);
  • How has the contribution positively impacted the DAO;
  • How much is requested for the service granted;
  • A poll for members to signal vote which should go to vote or not;


  • 250,000 PAL from January to April;

This is trial ruin, we will review its performance in 3 months and decide where we go from there. Additionally, all unused PAL will be rolled over for next quarter if renewed.

As usual, anyone is free to nominate a contribution, here are mine:

Stable Labs for their governance process documentation which will be added on - 2500 PAL

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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And a large one for Multifarm for pushign out Votex, the first full scale aggregator for vote incentives. It still needs a lot of fine-tuning but the platform should help Quests a lot on term of visibility - 45,000 PAL

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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