PGM-53: Grant crvhub team retro-actively for an integration of Quest into our incentive hub

TL-DR: Grant crvhub team retro-actively for an integration of Quest into our incentive hub


crvhub was launched in May to provide Curve users with an easy-to-use application and to display data from the Curve ecosystem that is difficult to find.

Our application includes the Curve gauges page with the APR of vote incentives present on Votemarket.

The Paladin team contacted us to integrate Quests into this page so that crvhub users can get an overview of the global vote incentives in the market.

This week, we pushed this update to production. Our users can now see the available Quests, and a link to each Quest is also provided.


We are requesting a grant of 37,500 PAL from the DAO to cover the development time and future maintenance of the Quest integration.

This grant is important for the team because crvhub does not aim to generate revenue from its features.

Our gauge page could become a vote incentive aggregator in the future, and the presence of Quests from the beginning will benefit the Paladin ecosystem.

Means: 37 500 PAL

Voting Options:

Yes / No / Abstain

  • For
  • Against
  • Abstain
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This looks like a decent request including the maintenance for an integration that can gives more visibility to quests

Vote is now live: Snapshot

Gm ! The amount seems acceptable for the integration mentioned so overall in favor, however would be appreciated if you can share a link displaying the update please.

Also from previous proposals, the core team had an issue with people doing retroactive grant requests and asked future funding request to be done in advance, did they suggested the retroactive path to you when reaching out ?

Quorum PGM-53: 738,812 votes


You can find the feature into our gauges page : CRV Hub

Yes they suggested the retroactive path.
This proposal is only about this feature and future maintenance about it.