PGM-39: Quest Round of Distribution Post-Mortem

Summary: Transfer 937 USDT in order to make Quest users whole

During the previous Quest round, following a bug during the rewards calculations, the amounts distributed on the Quests were not the correct ones. This is due to an unexpected interaction with killed gauges during the Balancer boosted pool gauge mass killing.
The main results were smaller amounts distributed to users claiming, or the impossibility to claim for certain Quests, as the amounts didn’t match the amount of funds in the Distributors. But in some cases, some users were able to claim more than they should have. This was limited to triple single digits amounts and limited to only a few campaigns.

All the distributions have been fixed, and the correct amounts set for users, and for those that claimed less than they should have, an extra claim is available so they can claim the full amount due.

So the distributions can be done correctly, for some Quests, an extra amount of tokens was needed to complete the full distribution amount (to replace what was over-claimed for some users). The extra amount were :

In order to reduce the inconvenience for users, I sent the required rewards as soon as possible. We are requesting for 937.1 USDT in order to compensate users.

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