PGM-56 - Allocate 300,000 PAL to cover Paladin Council for S-2


Allocate 300,000 PAL to cover Paladin Council to pay its councilors until December 2024 (end of the first mandate).


With the election of the new Paladin Council as a new governing body in PIP-23, seven contributors will more actively participate in ops and create proposals to allocate DAO resources properly. In order to ensure they do their job properly we believe councilors should be incentivised.

In the PIP we mentioned a 1000$-1500$ monthly pay, considering core team councilors are relinquishing their pay for this term, we are hence requesting 300,000 PAL for the upcoming 6 months.


300,000 PAL

Technical Implementation


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The vote is live on Snapshot

From my understanding, $1500 was for lead positions while $1000 for simple signer, with details of roles & allocations expected in this proposal, so only having such a large range of rewards without clear scope & rewards for each is confusing. Can you share more details on the above please ?

Most importantly, the multisigs related channels are still private despite several requests including the last one agreed on the past proposal, so it’s really complicated for the community to easily verify what the council is doing.
Please open read permissions on these channels to public so anyone can verify in real time.

Also, assuming this approximate budget was calculated using the current price and that you plan to do a snapshot of the price once a month to compensate councilors (similar to delegates) but would appreciate a confirmation ?

Finally, probably implied but any unspent budget due to price increase should be returned to treasury or reallocated for the next period. Note that if the price goes down, it would be complex to request extra funding with the current unclear breakdown of allocations on this proposal.

Since the vote is already live, I’ll abstain & publish the quorum below (which should be done at the same time as proposal submission btw, especially for important spendings)

Quorum PGM-56: 735 253 votes

Screen on the vote submission day

Do you intend to spam all proposals ? Please have some patience, we shared some documents informing of everything and will open the transaction channel.

That’s a given.

There are seven signers, 3 are relinquishing their pay, so 461500*0.11 = 237,000 + 10% margin for volatility.

Of course not all of the councilmen will be specialised but given the work ahead I think it’s better to prepare with some leeway