PIP-24: Councilor election - S2 2024

Tl-dr: Elect the first seven councilors of Paladin


Last rotation was made in February 2024 but having signers available during swaps sessions was quite complex during the last period as 2 of our signers stepped down.

Considering all of the challenges we’ve had in the past with the current model it took us some time to come up with a durable solution that wasn’t just a small temporary patch like PIP-22 was. With PIP-23 signers are empowered as councilors and are expected to become pro-active forces in Paladin through two means:

  1. If elected / chosen by other councilors in order to lead a specific mission (Liquidity Management, Councilor Coordination, Ambassadorship, etc…)

  2. Write proposals in order to accomplish their announced agenda over their tenure


Anyone can apply to the position of councilor, but they are expected to be elected with a specific agenda to help Paladin thrive which is to be detailed in their application in this thread.

The application can be written as follow:

  • Pseudonym;
  • Role intention (Liquidity Mgmt,…, None);
  • Agenda for your mandate;
  • Additional comment if needed;

All current signers will need to run a campaign if they want to be part of the council, there will be no auto-renewal.

The elections will last 7 days and any stakeholder will be able to allocate his voting power amongst all candidates.

The elections are targeted to start on June 3rd if enough candidates have applied by then.


  • Create a PGM to validate the budget to pay for signers;
  • Create a new EoA where PAL will be timelocked;
  • Implement SafeSnap on our Snapshot space;
  • Implement dynamic quorum on our Snapshot space;

Technical Implementation

Update signers on all DAO multisigs according to this vote result.

Voting Options

  • Kogaroshi
  • Beguin
  • 0xmemorygrinder
  • Aavikosoturi
  • PaterBogdanoff
  • 0xtekgrinder
  • Oxytocin
  • Figue

Application :

Pseudonym : Kogaroshi
Role : Technical payload management

Manage all payload needed to be crafted to interact directly with contracts, such as Quest bi-weekly creations or admin control of smart contracts.

  • Pseudonym; Beg1

  • Role intention ; Vote incentives strategy and management for Paladin PoL on various DEX ecosystems

  • Agenda for your mandate; I would like to take the lead of the PoL farming strategy for the PAL token, this implies monitoring the efficiency of existing vote incentives market on several DEX and Networks as well as the accuracy of the liquidity distribution based on PAL trading volume.

  • Additional comment if needed; Since I am already in charge of the maintenance of Paladin delegation address I have experience in this field. Although this role would make me the executor of the strategy I am still open to decentralize the decision making if other contributors wish to participate.

  • Pseudonym : 0xMemoryGrinder

  • Role intention: I don’t have a specific one in mind so any available would be great

  • Additional comment : I perform the contracts admin interactions for Tholgar and I therefore have knowledge in this field. I can be helpful to other councilors on this topic.

  • Pseudonym; Aavikkosoturi

  • Role intention ; I’m open for everything but think I’ll best most useful on vote incentives management. I am very deep into Aero bribing atm with monitoring everything inc. bribe efficiency etc. Have also helped with bribing strategies with one dApp. Also experience in tokenomics as I have helped various dApps with it. However, can fill any rolen Paladin needs help with it.

  • Additional comment if needed; New to Paladin governance so small learning curve might be expected. However, I’m a fast learner so should not be an issue.

Let me know if anyone has any questions, Happy to provide :slight_smile:

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Pseudonym: PaterBogdanoff

Role intention: I’d like to cover the role of Ambassador to represent Paladin towards protocols integrated into Paladin products and voting on governance proposals with tokens under Paladin’s control (e.g. assets in warlord).

Agenda for your mandate: make a paladin that is more active in the curve/balancer governance ecosystems, introduce paladin to fitting new projects, and vote in Paladin’s best interest.

Additional comment: I like voting :+1:

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  • Pseudonym : 0xtekgrinder
  • Role intention: I don’t have any specific role in mind but would be glad to take any responsibility I can handle.
  • Additional comment : I am one of the co founder of Tholgar so I have some experience managing complex transactions as I do most of the harvests and designed multiple blockchain protocols. I also have a pretty good understanding of emissions and effectiveness of PoL as for an upcoming product of Tholgar, we are trying to use this approach.
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Pseudonym: Oxytocin

Role Intention: Metagovernance and Mediation Councilor

Agenda for your Mandate:

With the introduction of PIP-23, Paladin DAO is shifting its governance system to a novel approach to assist with growth an operations.

As this system is relatively new , I believe it is important to have at least one Councilor whose role is to oversee that the new system is functioning as intended.

I believe that my experience in other DAOs, combined with my neutrality with other members of the protocol, will help the Council system, as I will be able to provide a role as mediator between potential councilor conflict, as well as for consulting on potential iterations for the system.

Additional comments:

As someone interested in Governance structures in Web 3, I’ve always been keen in experimentation, as I believe it’s too early to ossify Web3 structures.

Because of this, in November of 2022 I suggested a major revamp in one of the DAOs I contribute in, ParaSwap.

For this release, multiple members of Paladin DAO assisted with sharing their thoughts on both the tokenomics and the governance committee system, and I see this as an opportunity to reciprocate the favour!

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Glad to see so many people joining in on the fun! What a roster!

Pseudonym: Figue
Role: Coordinator

Agenda for your mandate:
Paladin is slowly growing into its own independent beast. My hope is that we as a core team become less necessary as time passes for two reasons:

  • Acceleration of technical automation and minimisation of the protocol(s);
  • Acceleration of the decentralisation of human elements;

As coordinator I intend to facilitate the interactions of councilors, groom community members into the next generation of councillors and write proposals reducing the need for human intervention into Paladin.

Considering this proposal prevents delegates from applying as councilors unless if they agree to do it for free, assuming the same rule applies to the core team members already contributing as a paid service provider who candidated right ?

This proposal does not prevent delegates to apply, but to answer your question yes, no core team member will request cumulative pay from the DAO, as it has been since Paladin exists.