PGM-XX- Establishing the “Knights of PAL” with Coordinape

Author: @0xAlex

Date: 2023-10-15


This proposal aims to establish the “Knights of PAL ‘’ a group of community members whose goal is to help the core team to promote Paladin by leveraging the Coordinape tool.


Paladin is currently at a crossroad with the launch of v2 in a competitive bear market. A lot of DAOs still don’t know how to handle vote incentives to grow their liquidity. I do believe Paladin could benefit from personal initiatives (content creation, BD leads etc.) of community members.

A project like Timeless Finance is bootstrapping its growth by proactively incentivizing such behaviors with the Coordinape Tool. In my view, Paladin DAO could consider a similar approach and assess if it can produce results.



Paladin DAO commits to a monthly budget (see more details in Means) to incentivize a small group of contributors (“The Knights of PAL”). The goal of this group is to raise awareness around Paladin, especially with the v2 launch (cf Scope and Example of tasks).

Coordinape is a tool used by crypto projects like Timeless, Alchemix, Snapshot, Gitcoin etc. Basically any contribution needs to be input in the tool by the contributors for tracking purposes. At the end of every month everyone will have 100 GIVE points to allocate to their peers based on the value of their contributions. It is also possible to include member than can give points without receiving any like core team members for instance.

The PAL budget allocated by the DAO will be split between the “Knights of PAL” at the end of each month. This will be based on the GIVE points received with the following formula ( GIVE Received / Total Give ) * Total of PAL allocated. Only people that send all their GIVE will be able to claim their PAL.

A .csv file can be extracted and input in the multisig to execute transactions. This can be made public with people joining the tool as “Organization Member”. Short FAQ At the beginning, this will be under the control of one core team admin and can be decentralized with time.

Differences with previous initiative:

Paladin DAO has already tried to set up a similar initiative to incentivize community members to create content with PGP-14: Creative Order. However the following pain points were noticed:

  • Should we need One Leader and/or Committee to assess nbr hours/ work done ?
  • Is it worth creating a specific multisig for the Creative Order?
  • How to correctly price Bounties and who is going to do it ?
  • Need to do a specific biweekly reporting

The budget for this project was 10k PAL /month = between $7K and $4K/month at the time.

I think a tool like Coordinape might solve some of these by allowing a leaner structure:

  • No need to have a committee as the evaluation is done by peers
  • The pricing of the contribution is based on the value perceived by peers
  • The reporting is automatically done by the tool

Definition and Members:

To join the “Knights of PAL” you need to do two things:

  • Have proven your interest in Paladin by being a Templar
  • Opt-in by posting a short post in the Governance Forum following this template:


Twitter Account:

Your Introduction:

How have you been involved with Paladin ?

How do you plan to contribute to the “Knights of PAL” ?“

The admin member of the core team can VETO and ban members if they aren’t following the guidelines of honesty, or are trying to cheat (copying someone’s work, creating multiple accounts etc.)

Scope & Examples of tasks:

This initiative aims to focus only on “small tasks” related to Marketing, Community and BD

  • Create content : threads/articles/videos or about Paladin
  • Provide BD leads to core team by leveraging personal network
  • Community Engage, analyze and provide recommendations for users

A non-exhaustive list of some concrete examples:

In scope:

  • Marketing content creation “Write a thread about a specific product of Paladin”
  • BD Leads for core team: “Discussion with the Head of growth of project X”
  • Community engagement: “Answer many questions of users in Discord or Twitter”

Out of scope:

  • Anything related to Paladin Governance as there is already the Delegate Program
  • Any “major contribution” that will better fit in the Retroactive Grant Program expl: building a full Dune DashBoard, creating a full governance framework etc.
  • Any “too small contributions”: answering one question on Discord, single RT

Links with current initiatives:

  • Retroactive Grant Program and Zealy campaign:

Their scopes are different than Coordinape. Moreover, Zealy will benefit from Coordinape as Templar role is a requirement.

  • Dework Dashboard:

Coordinape might replace Dework as it seems like this Dashboard hasn’t been used for more than a year. This could be an opportunity to try a different approach where the DAO puts an incentive first in Coordinape and see what actions will result.


Allocate a monthly budget of 2.5K PAL (worth atm around 250$) paid on Arbitrum to avoid gas fees. A vesting based on trust and on-chain tracking can be set-up to avoid members to dump.

By estimating between 8 and 15 people. The range of an equal payout is 310 PAL - 170 PAL per member which seems coherent with the historic data from the DeWork Dashboard. However, in practice the 80/20 rule is more likely where 20% of people are really committed and are getting most of the rewards.

Start with a 2 months trial period and then the Core Team can reassess by stopping the initiative if it doesn’t bring enough value or at the opposite increase the Budget.

Total budget requested: 5K PAL


  • Improvement attempt of Paladin DAO Marketing & Growth
  • Leverage the network/skills of community members
  • Costs are fixed and under control


  • Risk of lack of contribution
  • Centralized tool (require admin from the core team)
  • Restricted amount of ppl can decide how rewards are allocated (members)

Technical Implementation

  • Set up a Coordinape Space and figure out integration of the .csv with the multisig
  • New Discord role and specific Discord channel

Next Steps:

  • Collect applications in a dedicated forum thread (required min 8 people)
  • Elect an Admin among the Core Team (required for admin role)

Voting Options:

Yes, implement “Knights of PAL” program

No, rework proposal



  • Yes, implement “Knights of PAL” program
  • No, rework proposal
  • Abstain
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This is a great initiative that would need more work to be truly efficient. I have personally tried and failed to push such initiative, but very happy to see it reworked, let me know how I can help.

Imo biggest concern is if we can find people to join in this current market (ATL users / community engagement)


I’m fully supportive of the “Knights of PAL” initiative and am keen to step up as the admin of this initiative. Just to note, I’m not familiar with Coordinape yet and wasn’t a fan of DeWork previously.

  1. I’ll take a look at Coordinape and come back to this point later.
  2. The budget seems reasonable imo
  3. I have the same concerns as @Figue about people to join in this current market

Gm @Figue and @Starny thanks for your feedbacks ! Good to know that the core team could be onboard with this different approach for Marketing & Growth.

I do agree with you guys that it might be hard to find 8 people to join this initiative right now (below this threshold it makes little sense imo).

  • There are more than 50 Termplars I was thinking of reaching some of them directly
  • I also notice with Timeless that people involve in projects with aligned interest can be a driving force for such initiative. For example Gravita is boostraping its liquidity on Bunni, so the founder is very active on Bunni Coordinape promoting Bunni and Gravita at the same time. Some similar synergies might be possible with Paladin v2

@Starny happy to discuss these 2 points with you in a short call and I can also show you the Timeless Coordinape as I am part of it.


Gm ser, thanks for this great proposal !

Growing awareness about Paladin is very important & will be even more once V2 is live so I fully support this initiative !

I’m not a fan of the Coordinape tool, which has many limits & risks of biased decisions in the rewards distribution but it can be worth starting a trial program & updating the tooling afterwards if needed.

Fyi I tried the “Payment Request” feature on Den yesterday, which enables any whitelisted address to pre-create a transaction (including description, amount, recipient). Once submitted, one of the signers can go to “New Transactions > Accept Payment request > Select Requests to Queue” to submit the transaction(s) which can be bundled if several.

Also, few ppl know that anyone can suggest a task on Dework, which can then be approved/refused. However in both of these cases, contributors need to define the pricing, when it’s more randomized on Coordinape using members’ votes.

As a DAO contributor, delegate, signer & Templar, happy to Opt-In & help on the tasks defined in the scope below. (Twitter: @dydymoon1 - Lens: dydymoon.lens)

The budget request is reasonable, and it makes sense to distribute on Arbitrum, especially as the PAL-OHM enables liquidity there.

However, since this initiative would be funded by the DAO, the evaluation & decision to renew/stop this program will require a new proposal.

I noticed a JSON can easily be added using Den but not sure about csv, maybe you can ask the person in charge at Timeless ?


Gm Sir ! Thank you for your comment and happy to have you onboard !!

  • Thank you for checking with Den, I have contacted the Coordinape support on Discord. They don’t have native integration with Den or JSON format. However, I think it can be relatively easy to create a script to transalte the .csv in the right JSON supported by Den. Happy to work on that !

  • Definitely agreed with you it makes more sense to stay consistent and to have the DAO vote on this. I would be able to write the proposal after the two months, highlighting key metrics (number of actions done, engagement, number of people on-board etc.) and proposing several options for the next period ( renew / stop / adjust etc.).

To summarize the different feedbacks, the main concern is related to finding people ready to commit on this initiative in the current bear market. As discussed with some of you, the timing of the go live of this initiative could be adjust to better market conditions if we don’t manage to have enough Templars commited right now.


Gm :wave:t3:

As a part of the “Cookie Monster”, the Coordinape initiative of Timeless, I agree with all that has been said. Yeah, the Coordinapte initiative is not the best one like said by @alex_eth only a few percentage of people will participate we see it on Timeless, even with an entry barrier, but a few people like Maje (Gravita core team), Deif, or even Theonkxr have made an enough significant amount of work to say that this program is worth it.

Ok it’s distribution point system is not the perfect one, it could be biased. But a few things like only people who distributed all their points can claim PAL, plus, some team members here just to distribute points, help to prevent people from playing with Coordinape’s distribution points.

One point recently also that raised concern in the Timeless Coordinape, is people like me who have given points to everyone, even a few points to people who made nothing. My argument was to push these people to do more, so get more rewards. But other Coordinape members think my move was useless and it dilutes the reward for people that really contribute. No real answer has been found to this concern, but I wanted the Paladin to be aware that this happened on the Timeless Coordinape, a move to push the 80% of the selected users not contributing to contribute.

To conclude yeah Coordinape is not the best tool, but every tool has its cons, but Coordinape has more arguments in its favor as said in the previous post, and the rules set out here mean that it will be more beneficial for Paladin, especially with the V2 coming, awareness need to be raised. And the fact that this is just a trial run and a review will be made in two months, it’s not a risky play to start using it and give it a try.


I forgot to mention in my previous post but obviously, I’ll be more than happy to participate in this campaign and be a “Knights of PAL‘’.

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I completely agree with this idea. I believe it has a lot of potential, but it might be beneficial to further explore the details to ensure its effectiveness. I must admit that I am not aware of this subject. However, I’m eager to see how this idea progresses.

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Not a big fond of coordinape as it adds another tool/layer. I used to be in the SourceCred community. And I really enjoyed having a score measured from your contribution across plugins. But it takes some times & there are also some challenges to set it up.

However we had a “#props” channel where you posted your contribution and people would react with emoji. We had a special emoji that was a high signal compared to the other.

At the end of every week we had an amount shared pro rata the scores of your emoji obtained. It’s lean, no additional work.

  • It could be refined with the core team or " council" having some bigger weight when reacting

  • directions & a timeframe need to be given so as to set & assess the work expected

side note : The governance work in the discourse was also taken into account.

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Great stuff I like the idea of incentivizing informative, educational, or just entertaining content about Paladin products with PAL tokens.

There are a lot of ways to do it and imo the best way might just be to start throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks.

I haven’t used coordinape but think it makes sense on a trial period to at least begin the knights of PAL initiative.

I think the initiative makes sense at this point in the market cycle to begin directing some attention to the product the team has shipped over the past year and the value they bring to various ecosystems as well as DeFi as a whole.

I would personally volunteer to participate in and believe that with a well defined coordinated effort would be worth the allocation.

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So, what do we need to push this to vote?

  1. I haven’t had good feedback on the Coordinape tool.
  2. (as expected) not enough participation (even though we told people in the community call and by tagging @templar to read, participate and show their enthusiasm in this discussion
  3. Personally, I’m in favor on this kind of initiative, but it should be reconsidered maybe later, during the bull market, with a better approach (maybe more tools will be live in the meantime)
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