PGM-XX: Creative Order

PGP-14: Creative Order

Summary: The goal of this proposal is to implement an appropriate structure to reward community members creating content for the DAO.


Content creation is the bread and butter of communications. It allows a project to market more broadly its brand and news, as well as simplify its message. We value it a lot, and our campaign with Cre8R DAO has shown us how important it was for us to have a constant stream of creators working around us and solidify their activity with a more stable and flexible solution than bounties.


Even though the Paladin core team has doubled since the launch of Paladin Lending in Q3 2021, we are always busy moving the protocol forward and believe that peak content creation & marketing has not been achieved. Therefore, the core team believes it’s in the best interest of the DAO to create a Creative Order which will act as the DAO’s Marketing Guild/Marketing Working Group.

While the Order is a long-term commitment broken up into quarters, we’re proposing to run a 6 week transition period to assess effectiveness of the workflow. After this time is over, the core team and Creative Order will oversee procedures and change processes as necessary. Original commitments would still pertain to a yearly quarter/3 month period.

The Creative Order will consist of one leader: one Creative Order Committee Leader (COCL) and one Advisor from the Paladin core team.

COCL responsibilities: Aside from being a fellow creator; the COCL is responsible for overseeing Order members, tracking deliverables from Order members, overseeing the Order budget and operations, and providing a biweekly report that will be open source and posted in an open channel for the Creative Order on Discord. COCL will also be responsible for onboarding new members into the Order with onboarding form Creative Order Onboarding. After the six week transition period, the reports will be submitted on a monthly basis in tandem with an Order wide monthly call with the core team. COCL will be elected by the DAO, excluding any core team votes.

Depending on the results of each onboarding form submission and the COCL’s final decision, all other Order members are free to come and go as they please. However, they must meet brand expectations and a high standard of quality.

Order operation flow:

  • Members accepted will be given the autonomy to deliberate on projects/priorities with COCL. Core team advisor will only advise.
  • Funds are allocated per project and roles will be assigned with a project lead.
  • All work will be done through DeWork and communications will take place on Discourse and Discord.
  • Core team advisor will manage DeWork payments so funds always remain secure.

Defining deliverables:

Deliverables are content that is created by the Creative Order for use by the DAO through Paladin’s social media channels. These can be but are not limited to: artwork, NFTs, articles, asset creation, video creation and meme creation.

Please reference Paladin’s past campaigns Threshold, Tokemak, Babylon, launch of Quest, PAL LBP event, and launch of Warden as a few examples.

The main goal of the deliverables and Creative Order is to spread awareness and create growth.


  • 10,000 PAL / month budget - If 10,000 monthly budget is not fully used, leftover funds will be rolled over to next month. Advisor to provide oversight of funds on a monthly basis. Refer to table below for sample budget.

|Contributor Deliverables|8,000 PAL|
|Third party products for content creation|500 PAL|
|Collaborating w/Influencers|1000 PAL|
|DeWork operations|500 PAL|

  • 2,500 PAL per COCL
  • Discourse for long form and governance decisions
  • Dedicated Discord category & channels for short form & quick communication

Nomination & Election Process:

Depending on passage of proposal via Snapshot, all DAO members are allowed to make their nominations on a topic that will be created on Discourse and will then be followed by a vote of the candidates for the position of the COCL. This will be conducted as an exact copy used for the Community Multisig nomination and subsequent election vote.

At the end of the Creative Order transition period, COCL position will last for one quarter. If needed, a shortening or lengthening of terms can be decided in a future governance proposal voted upon by the DAO.

If the need arises that the Creative Order will need to conduct Governance votes for Order through the regular process of submitting a PGP through Discourse. Any Creative Order member is allowed to create a PGP proposal AFTER the six week transition period.


After a 6 week transition period, when workflow and structure is reviewed, elections will be held 3 months after start of Creative Order depending on passage of vote.

Bad behavior and abusers by any member of the guild will result in immediate expulsion. Due to the nature of the content created & deliverables produced, the Creative Order acts as a public arm of communications for the DAO. There will be a zero tolerance policy for lack of civility or inactivity by Order members. After the transition period, the DAO will also review the process Order workflow/structure in 3 months after the starting date and offer a follow-up modification proposal if needed.

DeWork: 10,000 PAL budget funds will be used to pay for operations and Order members aside from the COCL.

Voting options:

Yes / No / Abstain


Very complete, I can’t wait to apply as Creative Order Committee Leader :innocent: ! LFG

And even if I’m not elected leader, I’ll spread all my ideas and creativity for Paladin!


I would add a vesting system? And rewards paid in hPAL?

We should avoid as much as possible to have a bearish pressure on the PAL


I will vote yes too !
Content creator will finally be rewarded as they should.

Regarding the rewards, I thought it would be in stablecoin.

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:sweat_smile: We’re already rewarding content creators with bounties.

Only way we can do stablecoin payment is dumping PAL or all of our treasury gains every months. Either one is out of the question. If you want large stablecoin payments for your work, you need to go see large mature projects, not a one year old project barely making revenue.

Rewards are in hPAL for now. It will be reviewed once we have a more stable and lucrative project.


And about my vesting idea ? :slight_smile:
I personnally dont have a problem with this

Could you elaborate on the utility of vesting payment ?

Instead of paying 2500 $PAL/members 1x per month, if we paid them a little bit every day/week for example, it would avoid having a big drop every month (if each member selling their 2500 $PAL the same day)

Yeah, we could stream the amounts, that’s a great idea. Do you think it should be optional ?

On the topic of eleections, to be very honest with you, I fail to see the utility of having over one member in charge of the creative order (as always in the comments, I speak as Figue, not as the core team). I’d love for anyone to prove me wrong btw. The rest should be contributors on task.

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I agree with you on this point, I think it’s better to have a collective that helps each others and manages itself and one person among them who could take care of a task other than the “creative” side to liaise between the team and the committee, for reports, etc…


In my opinion we don’t need this yet. At the moment, I think the best way to go about this would be using the #bounties channel in the discord to see if any community members are qualified to do the work (if so, pay using bot), otherwise using public bounty boards if no one from the community is able to do it.

I don’t believe we will have enough work to justify the creative order at this stage. I feel like most of the work can be done internally, and if the core team doesn’t have the resources, we can just use discord or bounty boards as described above.

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Valid points.

However, a lot of of core team members and other contributors have agreed that the creation of an Order with more autonomy and decentralization is ideal to maximize our collective DAO creative juices.

Rather than not having enough work, the problem I see is that we need more work, more content coming from the community. And as the person that manages all the bounties, it is unfair for me to dictate and gate-keep what should or should not be created. I believe it goes completely against the purpose of a DAO.

Rest assured, we have a six week trial period for this proposal. Depending on the results, necessary changes can be made.

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1. Add a poll
2. Create a proposal for bounty pricing
3. Introduce a reporting framework

We haven’t agreed. The whole point of this proposal is to see who is on board. We need a poll to have a soft vote on the utility of this Order. I agree that 12,500 PAL / month is an acceptable spending. I disagree if we need to dish stablecoins right now.
While very attractive of an idea, I still question its actual utility at this stage of the project. Contributors have shown their willingness to work, but we have failed to find the right framework to enable their work. Bounties is a good step ahead, but as Miaki mentioned, stablecoin payment is expected. Which is not possible for at least a few more months.

Starny has eloquently introduced they idea of streaming the payment, which is a great idea, but my question is, as a DAO, what are our exact Content creation needs ? Threads, memes, gifs are a given. What we don’t have is a pricing for each of these contents produced. We haven’t figured out the obligations expected from the “COCL” (type of reports, rate of reporting). Once we have these, we can test out the system and eventually scale it.

Other than this, the bad behaviour part is way too unclear and might lead to abuses, I believe we should simply stick to our Guidelines, or until we have also figured out a full blown Constitution (@Roald wrote a great primer which I haven’t been able to delve into yet, sorry man…).


what are our exact Content creation needs ? Threads, memes, gifs are a given. What we don’t have is a pricing for each of these contents produced. We haven’t figured out the obligations expected from the “COCL” (type of reports, rate of reporting). Once we have these, we can test out the system and eventually scale it.

I would like to create a document to fill out once a certain task has been completed, with questions like “how many hours did you work on this task?” and then discuss with the committee whether or not the number of hours is reasonable and establish a payment based on those hours as well as the quality of the work.

I think it’s the most honest and “decentralized” way possible if these decisions belong to the committee. The bounty rewards will be fair according to the work done and there will be no abuse or deception with this system since everything will be discussed with the committee based on the Form to fill up.


It is a fair way, but maybe not the fairest (if it even exists). I still believe this is quite light of a reason to justify a committee


It’s true that it doesn’t justify having 10 members in this committee … maybe 1-2 people to fill? But it’s not a committee anymore

But, I speak mostly for myself, and my projection
I would like to manage bounties with other people (to be fair and decentralized), I would also like to create form to fill with other members (again to be fair and decentralized), continue to produce my videos in FR and other bounties + make reports to the team, and for sure, think about how to upgrade the system, etc… if I have any idea


Hey everyone, chiming in with my thoughts so we can get this moving forward.

  • A lot of different viewpoints. I think we should have a soft poll as @Figue mentioned.

  • Creating a prop for bounty pricing I think is the right way to go. I personally don’t think we should have rigid payment guidelines because a good amount of projects are unique but we should discuss this.

  • It will be one report. The report will be submitted biweekly during the first six weeks and monthly afterwards. Details needed:
    -Budget used/not used for month
    -No. of contributors participating during month
    -Contributor list attached matched with number of bounties completed and descriptions.
    -(Any) Order Marketing Campaigns
    -Room for Improvement
    -State of the Order (positive and/or negative, grievances)

  • As for abuses that can arise, two options:
    -Amend prop “There is a zero tolerance for bad behavior. Bad behavior includes, but it is not limited to: insults, lack of civility, non constructive work & conversations that do not help Order produce content, hiding work and txes, shilling, scamming, doxxing, lack of constructive feedback and contributions over any 7 day period and not contributing to the growth of and working in good faith of the DAO”


  1. Use our current guidelines on Discord (#rules)
  2. fully integrate the Constitution.
  • As for the committee, I was initially for it but I’m against it at this time for three reasons:
  1. We have a six week transition period to test the pilot and determine the best future course of action.
  2. I can’t justify the time to set up and operate a multisig for the Order unless we definitely know it will be needed.
  3. Committee members (excluding COCL) will be working with COCL for, at most, a couple of hours a week and I cannot justify their monthly compensation.

Members of the order (including the COCL) are still free to create proposals as any other DAO member, if the need arises.


Hey everyone, there hasn’t been activity on this thread for 10 days now but we will continue moving forward with this proposal. Please vote below if you agree with the suggested changes to the proposal in my last post. In addition, voting “For” will state that you’re in agreement of getting paid in PAL for the time being. Stable coins will not be ready for a few months. Voting “For” will amend the original posted prop with last post and PAL payment only for the time being suggestions.

  • For
  • Abstain
  • Against

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