PIP-1 : Elect a Transferability Committee (Formerly PGP-5)

Summary: The goal of this proposal is to elect 5-8 members that will be the operational leads on the the activation of the transferability of the PAL token as well as the bootstrapping of its liquidity.


Warden has the potential to be an extremely powerful money lego in the Curve Wars but will need Liquidity Mining with a market pricing to compete with other yield optimizers on top of Curve (details here).

The transferability event has to be owned by the DAO and become the genesis point of its contributor groups. As such, we’d like to open an election for a 5-8 person committee who will manage this genesis moment.


The team believes that the path to decentralization isn’t just a progressive path, sometimes we need to push contributors into operational roles or we might simply become the de-facto operators of the DAO. This is bad for the sustainability of the DAO, dangerous because of regulatory prejudice and risky as it might make core members feel empowered.

Furthermore we’d like to use this opportunity to start building core contributor groups and reward our early active participants with something else than just an airdrop.


  • 850,000 PALs coming back from unclaimed airdrop + 150,000 from DAO treasury
  • 20,000 PAL to reward the committee for their work (5000 for the coordinateur, 2500 for the others)


This committee will execute the plan decided by the DAO in the next PGP and send back the LP tokens back to the treasury after having completed its mission.

If suspicious behaviour is observed, the DAO can unsit a committee member after a governance vote.

Voting options:

This will be a cumulative vote, where 5 to 8 members are selected by the highest vote count and if they passe the 80,000 PAL support threshold

  • Candidate A
  • Candidate B
  • ….
  • Abstain

If you wish to participate please introduce your application in this forum post before next Thursday (03/02/22), elections will start in a week.


@Figue - thanks for moving forward with the transferability of PAL (and this comprehensive roadmap.)

Paladin has benefited multiple governance systems and has the potential to encourage greater development in the ecosystem with products such as Warden.

For this reason, I would be interested in filling one of the openings on the transferability committee.

My involvement in Paladin:

  • Governance Contributor via Flipside Crypto
  • New User of The Month in Paladin Forum (January 2022)
  • Active Voter / Delegate in Paladin Governance (flipsidecrypto.eth, 2.02k votes)

My skills/experience:

  • Review Committee @ Aave Grants DAO, grants arm of Aave
  • DeFi Research @ Proxima Capital, a cryptocurrency market-making and arbitrage firm
  • Protocol Specialist @ Flipside Crypto, data analytics and BI for blockchains
  • Social Media @ Voyager Digital, a large cryptocurrency brokerage with $5B AUM

These past and present experiences have given me a range of knowledge, from a centralized brokerage to a Web3 analytics platform and a DAO. I am skilled in Marketing, Market Research, and Governance, with experience in community management, on and off-chain voting, financial analysis, and risk review. This diverse knowledge has helped DAOs identify new opportunities in the space, current product gaps or limitations, and different use cases, from institutions to retail investors.

I share a unique understanding of how Paladin can add utility to its token, develop partnerships, on-ramp more daily users, and cement itself as a luminary in the space.

Can you commit ~5 hours a week?

  • Yes

I welcome any feedback from the community and look forward to growing Paladin.


I would like to be involved in the transferability committee as well.

As an early member (although I was not there for laser tag), I’ve followed the evolution of the community from theoretical and philosophical to practical and engaging. While I have reservations about making the token tradable in the market conditions, my thoughts on the matter are not concrete. I think this is a subjective decision that needs a well informed and engaged group to debate and manage.

I’ve discussed my credentials in further detail in the delegate intros.

With that being said, I would like to engage more members of the community and there is no better way to get people involved than to give them responsibility. If there is a newer member who can make a convincing case as to why they should be involved and would be interested in consulting with me, I would be happy to direct my votes towards them.

In addition to this, I would like to highlight several members of the community I think would be good fits for this role:

@fig - Flipside is a well intentioned organization and they will have the project’s best interest in mind. As an organization, they also have the bandwidth and the strategic thinking necessary for the role. I trust the Fig will represent Flipside well.

@Will - I’ve worked extensively with Will. He is by far one of the most experienced community members in the practice of making informed and educated governance decisions.

@Figue - I think the committee should have at least one member from the core team involved. Romaine is an ideal candidate for this perspective.

While I have just recently gotten to know them, I am very impressed by the logic and effort put into governance by the following:


Hi all.
I came to this project with little knowledge about DAO, thanks to the team I figured out a lot of things. I have been watching the project since November and I can say that I can see how the project develops. How the team shows what decentralization is, rather than just talking.

About myself I will say that I came to this project to gain experience and improve my skills. I am good at it, Paladin has become a very valuable project for me. I am not going to say that I am very cool and I know what to do. I haven’t had this kind of experience before. But I want to tell you, I’m giving it my all. If I’m given a chance, I’ll give it 100 percent.

I’m in a lot of Russian communities where people are looking for new projects and I know that I can get them interested. In the CIS they say. 2022 is the year of DAO and I would like to be a part of it.

I’d like to say about the candidates who should be part of this committee.

@GHunter @E231 @william
are the people who have been here since the beginning, I’ve always admired how cool guys they are and they know what needs to be do !


Thank you for the kind words Jake and Mduck.

I’ll throw my hat into the ring as well. I believe I can bring treasury management knowledge to the table, along with connections to those working on liquidity solutions, and you can see more detail in my Delegate intro.

As with Jake, if there is a newcomer who is passionate about Paladin, I’m more than happy to vote for them, as Mduck mentions, it’s incredibly important that we get others involved.

As for the other candidates, I haven’t met anyone in the Paladin governance who wasn’t a top notch person, and I’d be satisfied with anyone who steps up to the plate.

That said, I’ll single out praise for @Mduck since they are so new, yet have shown a lot of passion for Paladin.


Thanks for this great proposal @Figue !

This is great to see several participation and this committee is a really good step for Paladin decentralization.

To quickly introduce myself, I’m a contributor in several DAOs and a delegate in Paladin governance. I’m also a member of Llama community that help creating strategies for DAO treasuries.

I’d like to propose myself as a member of the transferability committee and help bootstrap the $PAL token.


Top notch people here.

Glad I could wrangle you back into the server @Mduck . You have been a fantastic contributor.


Dear all,

I am impressed by the progress of the protocol, starting from the UX/Design of the PAL token claim possibility to the evolvement of the community and the recent introduction of Warden. Paladin has great potential to influence governance in the future and that is the reason why I would also like to be part of the transferability committee.

Some words about myself, having a business background I currently work as a project manager I can add structure, and help to plan and develop the DAO and the community. I welcome any critical opinion, as I believe, a constructive discussion will lead to better results.

I joined the protocol in November, and started my journey to become a Paladin (Currently a Warrior) and want to be more engaged as I fully agree with @jakelynch: “To get people involved than to give them responsibility”.

As for other candidates, I believe, that @GHunter with whom I started my journey to become a Paladin is a great addition (Put in tremendous effort and always friendly and helpful).

Looking forward to continue the journey together.


Back in October I landed on Paladin discord out of curiosity, after browsing through some metrics on DefiLlama. Didn’t know what to expect really. Governance was not on my checklist of things I monitor or worry about. Several weeks and a few community calls later I was so fascinated by the field that I was constantly distracting Figue and the other guys with all kinds of erratic questions on governance and voting. I am still doing it to this day…

So I feel like it is time now to repay that education debt and help build and sustain Paladin.

About me: Class of 2017 crypto sceptic, who knew all the reasons why crypto wouldn’t work and felt very smart when 2018 crash happened. Yet kept thinking about it over and over until it finally clicked in 2020. Since then it has been a mix of retail degeneracy (mostly defi 2.0 stuff) and stumbling upon gems like Paladin. Sadly, I don’t have a technical skillset. Still, occasionally I am able to find an interesting angle to share or dig up something genuinely interesting in the overflow of CT drama. I like to think this helps the community appreciate the importance of what Paladin is trying to achieve.

As for other candidates - a lot of fine people have already been mentioned above. I think they will do a good job, as they have shown they are passionate about Paladin.


All for empowering the community here and exited about this committee based on the discussion happening on Discord.

Thanks for the nomination @jakelynch.

This isn’t an easy mission but we have a good group of contributors in the community who can plan and execute here. A lot of quality names have been brought up so far and definitely think Jake @E231 @William @Dydymoon @fig @GHunter amongst others all would be super valuable community members on the committee.


Hi everyone!

Great to see this proposal by the core team to transfer power to the Pals!
I have been following Paladin since its very beginning back in September and it has been super cool to watch it grow.

After I learned about Paladin, I got so excited about what was being built that I immediately started talking with the team about a possible collaboration with Idle Finance. As many of you might know, the Idle Finance pool got listed on Paladin mid-November and as of now has more than 90k $IDLE.

The Transferability Committee is a great move that will foster community participation in the protocol and I would love to be involved in this next step of Paladin´s journey.
Therefore, I am proposing myself to be elected as a Transferability Committee member.

About myself:
I have been in the crypto space for around 3 years now. For more than a year I have been actively contributing to several DAOs. My joirney started at Idle.finance where I am currently acting as an Advisor for Idles Treasury League. I later joined YGG where I contributed to the blueprint of their Governance model. Before jumping down the crypto rabbit hole my professional background was in Banking & Audit. More info about me can be found here on LinkedIn & Twitter

My motivation comes from the fact that I would love to be able to shape, build and grow the protocol. I am familiar with DAO2DAO alliances, business development, and protocol integrations and I hope to bring these skills to the Paladin DAO.


Good day, everyone! This is GHunter.

I’ve been a member of the community since its maiinet launch in October of last year. Just last November, I was appointed as the moderator of the Asia Time in the community. I’d like to join the committee because participating in a much more difficult duty and digging deeper into the rabbit hole would undoubtedly help me become more responsible and gain information that may be useful, especially when responding to questions from new participants and potential community members. If not everyone is aware, this is my first exposure to a DAO-related project, which is why I made an effort to understand what the project is trying to accomplish and who are its target audience.

@Will , @TokenBrice, @E231, @Dydymoon, @william, @Mduck, @fig , @eldeorb, @cryotouf, @stiegler and others have always impressed me with their willingness to contribute and provide knowledge that would tremendously aid the project’s growth.

@Will was the only person I spoke with on our call last month, so I can say he knows a lot about the DAO’s whats, whys, and hows, and based on his experience and connections from other projects, he deserves the top position on the committee.

If you believe that the DAO will be the next big thing in cryptocurrency. Then you might be interested in taking part in one of any DAO’s projects. After all, if you want to increase your wealth, simply trade/ape; however, if you want to build relationships and connections, actively participate and contribute in any DAO-related projects. I’m here to learn new skills, explore uncharted territory, and be a part of something I’ve never done before.


Hey everyone!

My name is Tomo, one of the core team’s founding members. This is actually my first introduction on the forums. Unfortunately, I haven’t been as visible on the governance side of the project, which is why I’d like to step forward and be a part of this committee.

For some background : I’ve headed design for the team from the project’s early days while also contributing to product development. Naturally, as a protocol steeped in governance we wanted to see Paladin have an awesome community of its own. Rather than waiting until the protocol’s mature phase, we thought the earlier the better.

Bootstrapping governance and figuring out how to include as many voices as possible in the process in parallel to bootstrapping the protocol has proved challenging.

But this thread is proof that every effort has been worth it. It has been amazing to see many of you step forward in the community these past few months and I’m super proud about the number of passionate candidates in this thread. With this kind of energy Paladin will be a powerhouse.

I’m sure this committee can set an excellent precedent for many more to come. I’m very excited to see others bring their talents to this.

I believe having a seat would be beneficial as I can quickly clarify any strategic goals and act as an effective liaison between the group and the rest of the core team. This would ensure smooth operations and a successful transferability event.


Folks, this marks down the end of the application phase. if you want to talk about the process or the next steps we have opened a thread for PGP-6

Vote will go live in one hour and last 4 days (this is exceptionnal, just to avoid people missing out because of the WE).

I cannot describe how proud I am to see this many smart governors aligning with the DAO.

Looking forward to see how it unrolls !