PGM-11 : Develop Paladin's Visual Identity (Formerly PGP-11)

Spend 3400 PAL to partner with community member Loan and their agency Loan Bottex to work on a visual identity that will support the Creative Guild and general marketing efforts.

Portfolio of their work : Dropbox - BE_Paladin_BrandingToolbox_01.pdf - Simplify your life

The Paladin brand has established its basic foundation, with its RPG themes, colors and governance expertise. However, there’s still a lot of opportunity to develop our presence in DeFi. One of the most important things right now is developing a signature visual identity that distinguishes us from other protocols while being easy enough for contributors to replicate. This will be even more critical once the Creative Guild is operational.

Recent experience with bounties has made it clear that we’re missing strong guidelines that explain the look and feel of our content. Up until now, the brand has had flexible art direction but to take it to the next level we’ll need stronger themes that are unmistakably ours.

Considering how content marketing will be a major objective of the Creative Guild, there needs to be better resources for creators. A modular set of images and designs would save everyone a lot of time and energy while keeping our aesthetic consistent.

Loan specializes in this kind of identity work and also has a strong interest in contributing to the DAO. It was his suggestion to be paid mostly in PAL so it’s also a good opportunity to align a valuable stakeholder.

The scope of the work is as follows: His work would be to research and gather a visual database of 100 images that are appropriate for the Paladin brand. He would then develop the art direction of the database, prepare them for community use, and tie it all together with an accompanying guideline.


3400 PAL final payment on delivery

Brand strategy shouldn’t change for the foreseeable future so these are resources that will benefit Paladin teams for a while.

Update***** should be $3400 USD in PAL


The Medium is the Message.

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Since there’s no questions or concerns, will be moving this to a vote shortly.


Resources for the creative guild is not negligible
So yes :smiley:


Seems reasonable. Creative and marketing spend is something which is lacking in current DAOs.

The presentation is interesting - I enjoyed the use of Rekt and NASA as strong examples.

Have they created any mock-ups or an initial collection of images?

Yes there was a brief they shared with potential ideas. For this visual database we’re going to source the images from comic books, the exact style and content still TBD but work should be starting soon.

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