PIP-XX: Election of the Paladin Association Co-Presidents

Dear Community,

Paladin Association is taking shape, and we are looking for candidates to represent the general interest of the protocol.


This proposal aims to elect the Co-Presidents of the Paladin Association who will represent the general interest of the Paladin Protocol in the real world.


The Co-Presidents of the Association will play a central role in the operational management of Paladin, and it is particularly important that the Co-Presidents be able to carry out their missions in the best interests of all PAL holders.

With two-headed representation, we have the opportunity to have a Co-President who is inherent to the Paladin core team and a Co-President who is a member of the Paladin community, which will act in a completely independent manner to represent the interests of all and provide a satisfying level of decentralization in global governance.

To better understand such a rationale, consult our statutes here.


The Co-Presidents must act according to the decisions made by the DAO to represent it and ensure the best possible development of Paladin in the real world.

Their primary missions are to:

  • To act in all circumstances in the name of the Association to do and authorize acts and operations that fall within its purpose.
  • To set the agenda of the General Assemblies and to organize their convocation.
  • To confirm the admission and removal of members of the Association, including those decided by the Paladin community.
  • To give one or more members of the Association or third parties, whether members or not, special mandates for one or more specific purposes. They may also grant the delegation of signatures necessary for the day-to-day operation of the Association.
  • To take legal action.
  • To preside over the General Assemblies and implement the decisions taken by the General Assembly.
  • To carry out all formalities and procedures incumbent on the Association.
  • To draft the meetings reports of the General Assemblies and any other routine writing.


We believe rewarding the Co-Presidents (not mandatory in the statutes) is essential to ensure the best possible involvement. So feel free to comment on the proposal below:

2 000 PAL/Co-President/month to represent Paladin in the real world.

Expenses incurred in the performance of their duties will be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts.


The Co-Presidents will be elected for one year from the election date. After that, their term is renewable and will be voted on again.

Conditions to apply:

Candidates shall apply following Article 15.1 of the Paladin Association statutes in comments. Only complete applications may be accepted.

Before applying, we recommend that you review our statutes which detail the above roles, the mode of operation, and the object of the Association.

Voting Options:

The election of the Co-Presidents will be conducted via a cumulative vote, meaning that 2 Co-Presidents will be selected based on the highest number of votes and if they exceed the 100,000 PAL threshold.

If you would like to apply, please submit your application in this forum post by 3/31/23, elections will begin on April 1.

Thank you in advance for your involvement.


There’s a small typo here, no?
2,000 Pal per Co-Pres per month = 48,000 Pal per year?
or did you mean 2,000 Pal per Co-Pres per year?

Also, can you please remind me where is the most uptodate version of the statutes? is it this google doc link from your post on PIP-10?

In terms of the elections, is that going to be a snapshot vote based on hPal voting power?


Hello @FrenchTony, indeed, I made a small typo corrected by Starny. I also made a small update to add a deadline to apply that we had to determine. You can apply until March 31.

The Co-Presidents will receive 24,000 PALs for their mandate (that’s 12 times 2000 PALs).
Of course, you can perfectly well apply as a volunteer and not ask for a reward (the statutes provide for this).
You can also comment on the proposed reward.

The statutes are available in French here and in English here. FYI: We will register the French version.

For the vote, this will be a cumulative vote, meaning 2 Co-presidents will be selected based on the highest number of votes and if they exceed the 100,000 PAL threshold.

I remain available for any useful clarification!


Thanks for the clarification @hu_bo. To be clear, I am not planning to apply for any of the roles… but i’m just curious to understand the rules.

  • Is it not a bit odd that the statutes initially say that all functions (incl. co-pres. and treasurer) are provided free of charge and on a voluntary basis, but right from the start we decide to offer compensation for those roles? If we insist on paying some compensation for these positions, would it not make more sense to set a fiat equivalent?
  • also, the statutes set a requirement for candidates to either own or control 100k Pal via delegation. Is that going to be enforced (if so that narrows down drastically the number of eligible candidates)?

Hello, thank you for all the questions, all of them are very thorough and will help clarify the process.

Association mandates are voluntary by default. The reason why we added a PAL compensation is because through our conversation with potential candidates it became apparent they all expected compensation for the position. We offered PAL because I hardly see where the DAO is going to find the stablecoins for the moment.

The 100k PAL threshold is meant to enable to association’s leaders to have enough of a say in the DAO to put up proposal and have an impact on votes. It also forces them to campaign with other DAO members, which seems healthy.

On another note, I plan to apply as one of the co-presidents but will relinquish any compensation right for this term, and will remove my candidacy if another member of the core team is elected as the other co-president, as it would defeat the point of growing this way. On my term I intend to build the foundations of the Association by exploring its budgeting, using my position as co-founder to represent it, and more generally evangelize our products to a wider community.

  • I was not suggesting to pay in stablecoin but rather to set a Fiat amount and pay the equivalent in PAL. That was just an idea to keep the expenses in check… What if the value of the token drops by another 50% (hopefully not!) or if it moons? Will the allocation have to be adjusted?
  • It feels more like an initial hurdle to restrict the number of candidates to the election.
  • You could say that if a person gets elected with 100k+ votes (without necessarily owning or controlling 100k via delegation), that person has the support of the DAO.

But that’s just me playing devil’s advocate… I don’t assume there will be any big surprises in those elections (you said that you already tested the waters with potential candidates). Is that only people that are active in the Paladin community or have you also considered know actors in the DeFi community but not necessarily involved with Paladin currently? Or maybe there are members that are very involved already but just not very visible?


That’s a good suggestion. My core belief on the topic of the compensation is the following: regardless of the token price, the number of tokens is a resonable quantity compared to what is still in the DAO Treasury. If the token goes up, it will partially be because of the administrator’s role and they deserve the upside. Nevertheless, the allocation is small enough that the amount isn’t the main motive behind their candidacy.
I feel this could be adjusted for next mandate.

I would invite any interested party who feels this is the case to deposit an application, I belive, whales, the core team and investors will be delegating to those they see fit.

I wouldn’t be as sure of this, discussions we’ve had were interested parties looking for more informations, to my knowledge we haven’t sollicitated anyone.

Ideally we’d want people involved in the community as a president will have a representative role inside the DAO.

That is also the case, let’s see who applies


Thanks for writing this proposal and the one about the treasurer position !
Really glad to see the DAO structuring its association and taking actions to represent Paladin interests IRL !

The deadline proposed seems short tbh. I’m considering to apply but I need to do some extra research before being able to commit on this topic (I might not be the only one).

I understand the goal is to secure the Paladin products IP on the association asap, but considering that no applications were posted outside of the core team, would it make sense to delay the elections for some time if possible ?

Also, if the elections are delayed, I imagine the IP related to new product releases could be held by Mithras Labs and transferred to the association once fully ready ?

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Hello @Dydymoon,

First of all sorry for my late reply, the topic had to be discussed internally before I could propose anything.

Thank you very much for your message and for your continued support of Paladin. We are thrilled to see the community step up to help the association grow and best represent the interests of the Paladin community.

We are aware that the time frame we have set for the elections may be a bit short to allow all interested parties to apply and understand the challenges of the Co-President and Treasurer positions. We have also talked internally with several people who are hesitant to run and need more time to consider the positions and their responsibilities.

Therefore, we propose the following:
@Figue would temporarily take on the position of President and Treasurer (statutes and law allow it) of the Paladin Association until June 30, 2023, while we find new people within the Paladin community who would like to apply for these positions.

This would allow us to register the Association to start operating, to protect the code (a transfer of the intellectual property rights with a change of beneficiary for the licenses could be very heavy for a new association and could not be done without a compensation for Mithras Labs) and eventually to sign its first contracts.

Once again, we thank you for your involvement with Paladin and for your continued support. We look forward to discuss it and provide any useful clarification.