PIP-XX: Election of the Paladin Association Treasurer

Dear Community,

Paladin Association takes shape, comes and takes part in the general interest of protocol.


This proposal aims to elect the Treasurer of the Paladin Association, who will represent the general interest of the Paladin Protocol in the real world.


The role of the Paladin Association Treasurer shall be to manage the Association’s finances and ensure that financial resources are used effectively and responsibly to represent the general interest of Paladin protocol.

To better understand such a rationale, consult our statutes here.


The Treasurer must act following the decisions taken by the DAO to take - together with the Co-Presidents - any action necessary for the proper functioning of the Association regarding the use of funds, resources and other assets available to the Association.

All acts initiated by the Treasurer will require prior approval of the Paladin Community - except for the categories of decisions listed in Article 17 of our statutes - to avoid arbitrary decisions by the Association’s governing bodies.


We believe rewarding the Treasurer (not mandatory in the statutes) is essential to ensure the best possible involvement. Feel free to comment on the proposal below:

1 500 PAL/ month to manage the Association’s finances.

Expenses incurred in the performance of their duties will be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts.


The Treasurer will be elected for one year from the date of the election. Their term is renewable and will be voted on again.

Conditions to apply:

Candidates shall apply following Article 16.1 of the Paladin Association statutes in comments. Only complete applications may be accepted.

Suppose a candidate for Treasurer of the Paladin Association does not want to reveal his identity on the web and on-chain by presenting himself via his pseudonym. In that case, he must prove his identity in parallel to @figue and @hu_bo by any means. @figue and hu_bo commit themselves not to reveal the identity of the candidate treasurer, except for the inscription of his name and first name on the statutes of the Association at the time of its registration - this version of the statutes will not be publicly revealed.

Before applying, we recommend that you review our statutes which detail the above roles, the mode of operation, and the object of the Association.

Voting Options:

The election of the Treasurer will be conducted via a cumulative vote, meaning that he will be selected based on the highest number of votes and if they exceed the 100,000 PAL threshold.

If you would like to apply, please submit your application in this forum post by 3/31/23, elections will begin on April 1.

Thank you in advance for your involvement.