PIP-15: Signer Rotation Aug.23

TL-DR: Remove Fig as a signer and elect a new member to the Community Council

In PIP-4 we elected a first Community Council of 9 members to oversee in a decentralized way the Paladin treasury and execute DAO decisions.

It was reminded “any member unable to sign 5 weeks in a row would be excluded from the multi-sig”. We are now off-boarding Fig for this very reason
If other signers want to step down, they are free to speak up now.

If you are interested in becoming a signer, please apply in this proposal.

Remove designated signer and replace with winner of the election

Voting Options:
Candidate 1 / Candidate 2 / ….

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Hello everyone!

I’m excited to express my interest in joining the Community Council.

From the very inception of the protocol, I’ve been an avid follower of Paladin.

As a developer, I’ve actively contributed to numerous projects within and beyond the Paladin ecosystem, including Warlord, Tholgar, Gelato, and more.

I’ve also maintained a moderate level of activity on the Paladin forum.

It’s worth noting that my reliability as a signer has already been demonstrated, as I’m currently a part of the Warlord multi-sig.

Rest assured, the signer address I intend to use will be on a cold wallet.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity and hope for your acceptance!


Hi All !

I am a candidate to be a signer of the community multisig and take part of the Community Council. Some information about myself:

General information:

  • I have been into crypto since 2017, here you can find my Twitter. Last year I did the Alyra training about DeFi and more recently I had the opportunity to focus 100% of my time on learning deeply about DeFI (Bunni, Liquis, Aura etc.), Governance (learning about Zodiac tool) and Tokenomics (Token Engineering Academy)

On the Paladin side:

  • Quite recently I was impressed by the performance of Warden auto-voter so I start to delegate my vlAURA. This leads me to deep dive more and more on what is Paladin
  • Up to this date my participation on Discord /Twitter isn’t huge as I am relatively new. However I will contribute more as I am getting really excited by seeing Paladin profitable in a bear market and the recent revamp of its tokenomics
  • I am thinking of becoming hPal locker as I am bullish on Paladin long term vision about vote market and Governance

On the multisig side:

  • I am part of a small VC investment DAO (BlockhubDAO) where we manage our investments with Gnosis Safe and Snapshot
  • I manage my portfolio and DeFi positions with different Ledgers. I will be able to sign after checking the input on my Ledger as I am used to apply security best practices. Obviously I will also ask questions if something isn’t clear or isn’t making any sense

I am available if you have any questions. In any cases looking forward to see the growth of Paladin in the future !!

Cheers !



Since there’s interest I’ll be stepping down from the multisig to make room for others to participate.The Community Council is a great opportunity to contribute.


Hello everyone,

I am applying to join the signer council as I believe a lot in Paladin and have been following since the early days (met the core team before the Paladin Vote has launched).

To present myself, I am a developper which is into blockchain for about three years and have been contributing to Paladin for a pretty long time with multiples dev projects and the newly one Tholgar released today.

With Tholgar, we wants to build a long term relation with Paladin by creating products to enhance this ecosystem so becoming a part of the DAO is personally something I wants to achieve.

On the multi-sig side I have always been using a cold wallet to do every important actions on any blockchain and I am currently a signer for Tholgar one.

Best Regards and good luck to everyone.


Vote is now live! The first candidates will be elected into the Council. Good luck to everyone


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