PIP-9: Signer rotation

TL-DR: Remove L0gyk4l as a signer and elect a new member to the Community Council

In PIP-4 we elected a first Community Council of 9 members to oversee in a decentralized way the Paladin treasury and execute DAO decisions.

It was reminded “any member unable to sign 5 weeks in a row would be excluded from the multi-sig”. This first happened in May with Miaki, which we switched with Fig.
We now also need to find a replacement for L0gyk4l, who simply has too much at hand to be wholly available as a signer.

If you are interested in becoming a signer, please apply in this proposal.

Remove designated signer and replace with winner of the election

Next Council elections should happen this summer, and should line up with our transition to on-chain governance. In the meantime, any signer is free to step down, which will trigger a Signer Rotation vote.

Voting Options:
Candidate 1 / Candidate 2 / ….


StableLab Multi-Sig Signer Application

Who is StableLab?

StableLab is a “professional delegate” organization working on decentralized governance across multiple DeFi protocols. Our expertise is derived from our research and years of experience working with DAOs. StableLab is represented in a uniform and value-driven manner based on our governance delegate policies. Our goal is to participate in a professional, unbiased, transparent, and reliable manner while promoting the journey to full decentralization. For more information, check out our delegate profile here.

How dependable are we?

At StableLab, we work as a team of governance analysts, which means that as participants, we utilize the collective efforts of a highly skilled team to deliver quality results; by leveraging our team of governance analysts, we have provided value through leadership positions to various protocols across the DeFi Ecosystem, these protocols include:

We focus on meaningful participation in each DAO we contribute; regardless of the nature of the task, we apply utmost diligence to any task we undertake.

Our track record of community participation across the DeFi ecosystem.

Beyond providing value through leadership roles, participating in a discussion on the forum, and voting on proposals, at StableLab, we take the initiative to improve the DAO through proposal writing; here are a few notable proposals we have written.

If elected as a Multi-Sig Signer in this Signer Rotation vote, the StableLab team would ensure active participation through the timely and consistent signing of transactions whenever requested.

We intend to provide value to the Paladin Community through this role!



I think i’d be “the best signer” because I’ve been following Paladin from the very beginning:

  • i have been active on its Discord & Governance forums,
  • I attended most of the community calls,
  • I am pretty much always online, and
  • I wear proudly my Paladin tshirt on the weekends! :sunglasses: :rofl:

I’d be happy to contribute to the security of the protocol by joining the multisig.


Hello everyone, @Salome has also asked to step down from the community MS, which means there will be 2 spots to fill in.


Hi there !
I’m also a candidate for being part of Paladin’s Community Council, and thus becoming a signer of the community multisig.

For those who don’t know me,
On the Paladin side:

  • I’m following Paladin’s progress for a little while now,
  • My participation in community calls and on Discord show my interest in the protocol,
  • so does my Discord roles: Templar and Warlord (hPal Locker).

On the multisig side:

  • I became recently part of the signers Team at JARVIS Network,
  • I’m quite online, equiped with a Ledger NanoX and SAFEapp on my phone to be able to sign whenever it’s necessary, but I also have the knowledge of the verification needed for security purposes,
  • I designed the way that the team of signers is renewed for JARVIS Network ( Snapshot ), process which is Live for a year now,
  • it led to the creation of a tool for analysing multisigs activity ( https://beta.who-signed.xyz ) where i’m an advisor.

My interest for Gouvernance:

  • with the project going to transition to on-chain governance this summer (Zodiac ?), i would like to participate in that transition and to witness it closely (for self-education :nerd_face: ), and where would be a better place to do that then in the Community Council ?

and I’m not here for the money ! :laughing:


Hi everyone,

I wish to apply as a Paladin Signer.

But before here is a little more about me,

On Paladin side:

I follow and use Paladin since November 2021. I could recognize that I’m not enough active in Paladin (Discord and Forum), but this will push me to be more active in the project, and not only on the promo side aka Brotherhood.

On the multisig side:

I’m not a new user of multisig. I’m already in a few multisig (Wagame and one with some friends). I’ve also pushed on Wagame to use Den to get automatic Discord notifications (or SMS and Telegram) and to get stats on users who signed.

For the security side, the interaction of me and multisig, I prefer to say it but it should be something obvious, I read and ask everyone what the transaction is for and I use a hardware wallet to sign.

I will be always available except if I’m off the internet for a few days but at this moment I will prevent everyone before.

May the odds be ever in my favor :saluting_face:


Vote is up: Snapshot
Best of luck to all candidates!

Quorum for PIP-9: 714744 votes