PIP-XX: Multisig signers rotation #3


Analyze last signing period & rotate inactive signers according to the new rules.


Last rotation was made in September 2023 but having signers available during swaps sessions was quite complex during the last period.


This proposal aims to analyze the signers performance last period & propose a signers rotation according to the new framework approved in PIP-22.

  • Transactions since last rotation

252 transactions were analyzed across all multisigs using OnChainDen stats.

  • Breakdown of signers by performance

According to PIP-22:

The above will be updated if there are 1 or 2 resignation requests in the Top 5.

Not confirming auto-renewal agreement or re-candidating would be considered as a resignation request.


Both signers ranked middle 2 + any new community member interested in joining the treasury committee must also be a candidate in this post’s comments.

If it’s your first time proposing yourself as a signer, please add a small self-pitch on why you’d be a great committee member (check examples in PIP-9 comments).

This proposal aims to execute the next rotation early March 2024, and the one after should be early September 2024.



Technical Implementation

Update signers on all DAO multisigs according to this vote result.

Voting Options

This section will be updated with the candidates list

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I agree to be auto-renewed as a signer for the next period.

I agree too to be auto-renewed as a signer

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Thank you everyone for finding a rotation format that makes sense.

I also agree to be auto-renewed as a signer for the next period

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Hello fellow Governooors,

I believe Paladin has massive potential and would like to play an active part in realizing that potential by joining as a signer.

In early December I read up on Bunni V2 and through Bunni got to Paladin, started reading through the forums, got myself up to date, became a community member and eventually posted some comments here on the forum.

Too many protocols call themselves DAO’s but too few actually are, I feared the same about Paladin. But what awaited was the opposite. Specifically for its size I don’t think there is a protocol comparable to Paladin in the direct involvement of the community / the DAO and there are no Black Boxes where there don’t need to be. Data, Numbers and Ideas are shared publicly.

I believe this openness is something that should be more prevalent in DeFi, and would therefore like to throw in my lot. As someone who is chronically online, available, and again interested in all things Paladin I believe I would be a good fit to getting those transactions on their way securely and efficiently.

My Multisig experience comes from some of my own wallets and I am properly equipped with necessary hardware.


Hello everyone,

I have been involved in the Paladin ecosystem since I have started to build Tholgar with @0xtekgrinder. I now would like to contribute even more to the DAO by keeping it decentralized.

Thank you for your consideration.

Note: I have a ledger to securely sign transaction


I agree to be auto-renewed

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I agree too to be auto-renewed as a signer

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Thanks to the top 5 for confirming their auto-renewal.

It means there are 4 signers to elect. However only 2 candidates atm, so if you know someone that would be interested in joining the committee, feel free to share this post.

@PaterBogdanoff @0xmemorygrinder great to see you guys applying. Could you share your timezone as well as periods where you’re usually the most available in the week please ? Forgot to add it in the post sorry

Thanks ser, fully agree. It means a lot to see new members noticing efforts on that front :fire:

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I didn’t think there would be room for other candidates, but since that’s the case, I’m also putting forward my candidacy.
I’ve been involved in Paladin’s governance for 4 months now as a delegate with a 100% participation rate in votes.
I’m relatively available; I live in the UTC+1 time zone and can sign every evening.
I have a decent knowledge of DeFi; I occasionally use Gnosis Safe, and I obviously have a hardware wallet.

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Thanks for asking, I forgot to add it too.

My current timezone is UTC-5 (same as @0xtekgrinder) until august and then UTC+1.
I am available from 10am to 2am (16 hour span) everyday. In equivalent to UTC+1 timezone (which is where the most of the other signers are I suppose), this would be 4pm to 8am.

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I’m ok to re-candidate

Hey, sure. My timezone is UTC+1, and I am available every day from around 9am to 10pm

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Hey guys!

I am Aavikkosoturi! I’d like to apply as multisign signer.

I’ve worked with Paladin/Figue for a while. I used to do some biz dev for Humpy (Largest Balancer whale) where we used Quests frequently when making OTC deals with other protocols.

I’m quite familiar with the whole ecosystem and do like what Paladin has managed to achieve e.g., great PMF with War etc.,

I havent been too active on discord but have had long convos on dm’s with Figue.

Never been hacked / fallen for phishing attemps and have good understanding of OpSec.

My timezone is UTC +2 and am basically available Mon-Sun (with some exceptions). Nevertheless very rarely should be +24 hour delay on signing.

Super willing to answer any questions!