PIP-22: Multisigs rotations framework update

It doesn’t seems like the most efficient option imo, we should be able to remove inactive signers & let the ppl that wanna stop to do it, but I get your point.

You said let them recandidate for the next period, I understood you meant the second after the one where they got kicked.

Yes, hopefully it won’t but we never know, that’s why framework proposals try to take into account worst scenarios, but it doesn’t mean it will happen in practice.

You’re requesting a higher rotation than me so idk.
In my exemple the Middle 3-4 would most likey be reelected even if they recandidate, except if they are really bad/want to leave + if we have solid replacement candidates.

Also we’re now at 2 votes for 3 months & 2 votes for 6 months, don’t forget to vote on this poll: PIP-XX: Multisigs rotations framework update - #5 by Dydymoon