PIR-4: Whitelisted Usual gauge for F(x) quests for the Vote Flywheel

Summary: This proposal will set the USD0/fxUSD to receive PAL emissions from Paladin gauges

Rationale: Usual is an up and coming stablecoin protocol that has risen to 70m$ TVL in its first month of deployment. As we are opening our liquidity pools, we intend to bootstrap with vote incentive on Quest and would like our incentives to be supercharged with PAL emissions.

Here is the list of the F(x) gauges requested for the Vote Flywheel :

F(x) USD0+fxUSD 0x61F32964C39Cca4353144A6DB2F8Efdb3216b35B


  • WL this gauge for emissions

Voting options:

For / Against / Abstain

  • For
  • Against
  • Abstain
0 voters

In favor of onboarding Usual on Paladin, great potential of synergies !

Seems the vote didn’t reached quorum by a few k votes (missed it sorry) but I’ll vote in favor if resubmitted.

Quorum PIR-4: 486 517 votes