PIP-9: Signer rotation

Hi everyone,

I wish to apply as a Paladin Signer.

But before here is a little more about me,

On Paladin side:

I follow and use Paladin since November 2021. I could recognize that I’m not enough active in Paladin (Discord and Forum), but this will push me to be more active in the project, and not only on the promo side aka Brotherhood.

On the multisig side:

I’m not a new user of multisig. I’m already in a few multisig (Wagame and one with some friends). I’ve also pushed on Wagame to use Den to get automatic Discord notifications (or SMS and Telegram) and to get stats on users who signed.

For the security side, the interaction of me and multisig, I prefer to say it but it should be something obvious, I read and ask everyone what the transaction is for and I use a hardware wallet to sign.

I will be always available except if I’m off the internet for a few days but at this moment I will prevent everyone before.

May the odds be ever in my favor :saluting_face: